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“Can only expect a loss against Sheffield United”

“Sheff utd is the perfect banana skin between two big matches and with a thin squad.”

“Nailed on Sheffield utd first win of season”

“Sheffield Utd have not won in the PL yet. You know the script.”

“Sheff Utd are a typical grim 8pm away day kick off with the players still hungover from Christmas Day and Sheff Utd have not won a game yet and ex kopite Brewster is yet to score a goal for them yet – enters Everton…”

“Whats crazy is im much more confident of beating City than Sheff Utd!”

“What Carlo now needs to do is find an optimal balance for playing sides with inferior players. In some ways this is harder. Sheffield United will be a good test. I suspect we don’t have that right now and this is why he needs to be supported in the transfer window”

“They will be hard to break down”

“Sheffield will be difficult as it stands to reason they cannot lose every game.”

“I haven’t see many 90 minutes of Sheffield Utd but from what I have seen they arent miles away from the side that did so well last season. The difference I think is that last season they made those final passes and scored their chances when they came and this year they can’t seem to hit a barn door. Its one of those games that if you go there thinking you will brush them aside then you could get embarrassed because they will make you work for your point”

“I expect Sheffield United to be a scrap, I don’t expect us to go there and wallop them 5-0, but truthfully we have to expect to win the game”

“Sheffield United, currently rock bottom of the prem; what better opponent could you hope for in the middle of a congested run of fixtures when you have injury problems?”

“I watched the sheff utd game against Man Utd and sheffield were so bad it wasn’t true,the goals they let in were awful and all preventable with just half decent defending”.

“They are bottom of the league, bereft of quality, and their formation and tactics have been sussed out. We need to get points outta this one, preferably 3.”

“Watched the Brighton/Sheffield game and they were really poor, would be mid-table in the Championship IMO with the standard they’re currently playing at, wafer thin on the quality front”

“I remember watching them against Chelsea and Chelsea battered them but couldn’t squeeze the ball between the sticks and Sheffield went up the other end 3 times and scored 3 goals and just took the game away from them. The fact that Lundstrum scored a few probably shows how much of a fluke it was, but saying that they worked their arses off every game to get that bit of luck”

“Lundstrum with a straight red so he’s out and a big part of how they play.”

“They were a poor side last season and they’re a poor side this season. I remember being sat in the pub after they’d taken three points from us and thinking they were the worst side that had been to Goodison. We were just even worse! They’re getting what they should’ve got last season”

“I have no idea how they did so well they have some real dross in their squad. I was ashamed we lost to them, their tactics are very championship like and their squad too. I hope we smash them”

“I don’t know much about the transfer workings at Sheffield United but they make some terrible decisions, imo”

“Sander Berge was a great signing”

“I think Sheffield is extremely important as let’s face it beating them 3 and losing to a Sheffield that hasn’t won yet would be ‘Everton that’ of old”

“It’s a real, completely irrational I admit, pet hate of mine, but it isn’t right. In fact, they should actually be referred to as ‘United’ (over ‘Sheffield’, that is), unless they’re playing another United!”

“I often call them Sheffield, because there’s only one Sheffield in the league.
The reason why it’s fine to call them Sheffield is the same reason why it’s fine to call Manchester United ‘United’. It’s because it’s blatantly obvious who you’re talking about.”

“Respectfully I disagree. Two clubs in Sheffield , both United and Wednesday , although the latter haven’t been in the top division for a bit.”

“Without wanting to echo that dwarf Wilder, you wouldn’t call Man Utd or Man City ‘Manchester’”

“There are two clubs in Sheffield but that’s not really the point. There’s only one in the league we’re playing in so it’s obvious who the lad was referring to. The argument that you can’t call them Sheffield because you wouldn’t call Man City ‘Manchester’ is daft.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Everton”
  1. Daft lads with daft comments. Brush up on your footballing history and you will find that we were the first United, stuff that shower from Manchester. UTB

  2. A lot of people saying The Blades are a banana skin. All my banana skins end up in the compost. That’s where we are going, with parachute money.

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