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“Sheffield United could be worse than Derby.”

“Arguably the worst side to ever play in the Premier League (I actually think Sheffield United vs. 08′ Derby is a tough one) “

“Sheffield United might be the most desperate team in the history of the league”

“A better team than Sheff Utd might’ve punished us”

“3 of our best players out, brutal conditions, a right footed centre back playing left back again, tired af…”

“Massive win that especially considering the players we have out. “

“Awful game to watch,ref was abysmal,Davies head and shoulders above the rest,scrappy result but considering the injuries a very good one”

“Massive win tonight. We outmuscled them.”

“Sheffield United offered very little in an attacking sense.”

“0.46 of Sheffield United’s 1.17 xG is from a shot that was offside.”

“Davies MotM. Tough for some folk on here but he was seriously good. Not sure what it means going forward as he’s had plenty of false dawns and Sheffield United stink but for tonight I’m letting that go.”

“They are debating that Mcburnie penalty claim, no chance….clutching at straws there”

“it was ugly two teams were playing and credit to sheff, they scrapped like hard dogs as they should in their position, but we never gave in.”

“Doubt Sheffield United will have an easier game all season”

“Easy to see why Sheff Utd broke the bank for Brewster……”

By Roy

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