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“Really can’t see the Blades getting out of it, even at this relatively early stage.”

“I think now that Sheffield Utd look doomed”

“They can still put a run together.”

“Need to win something like every 2nd game , not going to happen is it”

“they need to change. They literally just play walking football and don’t have a shred of urgency in them.”

“Sheffield were the better team but couldn’t create too many chances”

“Sure, the performance wasn’t great, but tonight – it really was never going to be about that. It was about facing a team who were fighting for their absolute lives and would do anything to get their first win. They were always going to perform at their maxmum to get something from the game.”

“SU were fighting for their lives and were always going to raise their level.”

“At the end of December, and your team has two points only, that’s not because you’ve been a little bit unlucky. It’s because you aren’t very good at all, yet they presssured us like manure would.”

“Another team to leave the Turf wondering how they lost .. They got Burnleyed.”

“Very fair interview from Wilder, I like him”

“He’s always very balanced in his view.”

“Never feels the need to hide behind a bunch of excuses. Honest as the day is long, a proper Manager.”

“He’ll probably lose his job soon but he’s a good manager and a good sport.”

“Looks a beaten man”

By Roy

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