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“It’s going to take a helluva run from Sheffield United to get clear of the bottom 3.”

“if they take one if the relegation places which before the season began was unthinkable thats a bonus for us because its totally unexpected”

“After the performances of the Blades last season, their abysmalness this season is a shock.
It goes to show that past form cannot be relied on and the Sean Dyche Way (Hard work, commitment, and dedication) is the only way”

“They were a breath of fresh air last season”

“Can’t see any way back for them TBH.”

“They gave it a go against Everton, but it’s looking bleak for them now.”

“it’s looking hopeless for them now”

“Sheffield United are dead in the water”

“It’s fair to assume Sheff Utd are doomed, so there’s only 2 spots remaining”

“Sheff Utd might struggle to hit double figures on their present form”

“Sheff are gone”

“Sheffield going down before the end of the year has to be good news. Just two more slots up for grabs”

“it’s certainly better having a team cut adrift, as Huddersfield & Norwich have been in recent years, makes surviving slightly easier that’s for sure.”

“Think Sheffield United have to sack Wilder now and try something new/try to get a reaction from the players. Unless they want to accept relegation and rebuild in the Championship with Wilder. “

“Their chairman had already said that relegation wouldn’t affect Wilder’s position. All the success cannot be undone by a single relegation. Quite refreshing and obviously trying to follow our way.”

“Thought they had a very wealthy foreign owner so assumed the pressure would be on given their current form. Very noble if they stick by him.”

“If they do go down, and it’s looking likely, I’d say Wilder more than deserves a shot at getting them back up.”

“I’d be very surprised if they gave Wilder the elbow.
Seems to be a situation like us and our manager.”

“He could very well bring them back up like SD”

“if we play against Sheff Utd & Fulham as we played 2nd half today, then we’ll collect points in both those fixtures.”

“We won’t. We will need a hell of a lot more of a cutting edge than we displayed today.”

“We are in a relegation scrap because we can’t score goals – even Sheff Utd have scored as many as us”

“We’ll be relegated with Sheffield United and one other.”

By Roy

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