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“It’s a must win game.”

“I am convinced we will lose this one. Convinced.”

“No way they will come here and set up the blockades for a draw. This is likely one of the few away games they think they may now have a chance of winning so this SHOULD be an open game, and hopefully we will finally hammer someone”

“Sheff U may be out of form because, like us, they can’t score goals. However like most of the teams playing us at the moment they will see this game as an opportunity restore some form or to kick start their season. They are a hard physical side with a keen press and a packed midfield (i.e. just the kind of team we hate playing against) so a dour game ending up 0-0 or 1-0 either way seem the most likely outcomes.”

“If we don’t beat Sheffield United, potter deserves to go. They look terrible”

“Worst start in top flight ever. Not since football was invented in 1992, proper ever.”

“They look woeful.
I fancy us scoring a few.
1 point after 13 games. Wow.
I wonder if we can tempt Berge in Jan?”

“We’re world class at sorting that sort of problem out for teams……”

“They look utterly bereft of confidence and Ramsdale is a weak keeper.”

“McGoldrick is a really decent player.”

“Weirdly, he has now scored more goals already this season than last. So it’s not his fault, but something isn’t right up there (probably mostly having a team of League 1 players).”

“Be another tight one but I think we’ll edge it”

“Wilder has surely got to go now if they want to have any chance of staying up realistically”

“Shef U. It’s like watching Wimbledon from 1988. Keeper launching it, long throws, crosses chucked in from all angles. Wilder showing his true self.”

“Sheff utd vulnerable to pace in behind
Maupay and Connolly up front please”

“Football is entertainment. I dont enjoy being trounced every week. Im not in it so I can watch us play/get hammered by United/City/Spurs etc. Potterball has been more entertaining but the last 6 months of Sir Chris of Hughton was soooo painful. Watched a bit of Palace Vs Burnley a couple of weeks ago and it was just 2 teams trying to stay in the Premier League at all costs. No entertainment value what so ever. The Championship and in fact League 1 were entertaining when we were winning and going places.”

“Really dislike the Premiership. The prima Donna superstars, the millionaire attitudes, and now it has been really messed up by VAR and this slide rule approach to refereeing. The recent rule changes on hand ball and offside are ridiculous.
It gets so bad that if we should get relegated , it would be s blessed relief”

“I am enjoying seeing us evolve into an established top 10 side.
I love being part of the whole global premier League football extravaganza.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Brighton”
  1. I agree with the Premier League comments re VAR etc. If they don’t sort it and return to normality, all football will suffer. Still don’t want us to go back down, but there’s a danger of Championship adopting daft PL rules as well!

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