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“Yes they are having a real bad time in the Prem and this is a side that you would probably want to come up against if you wanted a ‘beatable’ premiership side. Very low on confidence, a few sending offs, concentrating on the league survival so maybe wont risk they key players. BUT… they are premier league standard and such we shouldn’t take too much notice of the ‘weak’ parts of their game. You would expect them to be a physical side that are well drilled and with the overlapping centre back tactics, not many managers would have come against that before, so we need to be aware and exploit space where ever we can. Tis will enjoy this one as he loves playing against sides where we his team are the underdogs. Imagine he can get us raring to go in this match. You only have to look at the Sheffield united squad to remind yourselves of the quality they possess (current international players (at the highest level), past international players, future international players!) Solid manager and tactition who has come unstuck this term in the Prem but previously bossed the leagues and produced excellent results. This one will be tough, very tough. “

“Sheffield United

  • Strengths
    Aerial duels Strong
  • Weaknesses
    Avoiding offside Weak
    Keeping possession of the ball Weak
    Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas Weak
    Defending against attacks down the wings Weak
    Defending against through ball attacks Weak
    Defending against skillful players Weak
    Finishing scoring chances Very Weak
    Defending against long shots Very Weak
    Defending set pieces Very Weak

Sheffield United’s Style of Play
Play with width
Attacking down the right
Control the game in the opposition’s half
Long balls
Attempt crosses often

“Interesting looking at their site most of their fans think they should put out their strongest team as they need any win for confidence, however a few say play the fringe players for game time.
If we could start at a fast tempo and snatch a lead their heads will be down, so a good start is paramount.”

“If they were involved in a relegation fight, then they should be concentrating on the league. But as they’re not (ie they’re not even in a fight, they’re down) they may as well put all their resources against us.”

“Very much depends on there mindset, are they of the mind that ‘we are going down so lets really give it ago in the cup’ or is it still too early to be of that frame of mind? think the fans side with the former but you would not expect the manager and players to have given up just yet besides a good cup run can only be good for confidence and moral surely? i would expect a strong side which we will struggle to contain.”

“I think from the first minute we shouldn’t give them any time, they will be low on confidence and it’s a great opportunity for us.
I rather we went for it and lost by say 3 than pussyfooting about and thinking what if afterwards”

“If ever we had a massive chance of a cup shock this is it, go for it from kick off and who knows,as mentioned it would be a cracking atmosphere and totally sh**e we can’t attend”

“If we’re ever going to beat a Premiership side at the Mem this must be our best chance, assuming we can put out a decent side.”

“I expect Sheffield Utd to beat us. I say this because they aren’t going to want to be knocked out of the FA cup by a league 1 side when they can’t buy a league point, never mind a win. They are as good as down to my mind, so will be treating T’coop as a way of lightening a gloomy season.”

“we couldnt beat or even score against them in league one”

“Their confidence is low. When AFCB got relegated last July I was talking to some I sit with at Dean Court and told them not to worry, by the time we’re all back watching football, Bournemouth would be near the top of the Championship and Sheff U and Burnley would be staring relegation in the face. I was only half joking Sheff U are going down and Burnley are making a fight of it. Ramsdale is a good keeper but I doubt he’ll play. Having watched Mousset at AFCB before he went to Sheff U I can say he’s absolutely useless with no pace. (Perhaps that’s why he needs a Lamborghini which he obviously can’t drive either).
I wonder how many of them played at the Mem when they drew here 0-0 in the season they went up? I would imagine it could be 2/3/4. Any statto know?
I like Wilder, feet firmly on the ground, he’s no billy-big-b* but I reckon some of his players have turned into one. He’s been let down by them this season.”

“I like Sheffield Utd and especially their Manager Chris Wilder who is a real class act. This would have been a brilliant match to attend as I think the atmosphere would have been brilliant.”

“Wasn’t keen on Wilder when he was at Oxford and Northampton, but got to like him. Went to the last away game against them, nice friendly people. A disabled girl was presented to the crowd before the game. We all joined in the round of applause for her achievement, which was only right. Her father then came on the forums thanking us. Now feel a bit of a connection to them.”

“Finished my reffing career at Brammall Lane in 1992.Morning KO when Leeds beat them 3.2 and as liverpool beat Man U 4-0 later that afternoon,it turned out to be the title decider.Only ran the line but nice to finish on a top game.Howard Wilkinson was manager.
Amazingly used to stage a Test Match there once and in those far off days it was a three sided ground.”

By Roy

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