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“Think we should win this one 1-0.”

“What team do you want to play when you haven’t been able to buy a win all season ? Hmmmmm? “

“We have conceded more goals than Sheffield United!
I know that seven in one game doesn’t help but………….”

“anyone expecting a routine win is being very optimistic. They will be on fire against us. I’d take a draw, and will not read the site too much after the game bcos the ignorant bllx which assumes we should have easily won will be unbearable.”

“I don’t think we will smash Sheffield United. But points per game they are currently the worst team that’s ever played in the premier league and you’d ‘take a draw’, really ??”

“they will be desperate for a win on Saturday-. This is a real make or break match for them. I go for a score draw”

“This has a classic Palace loss written all over it. and given how the team have been playing I don’t feel good about this one.
Sheff U will know that they are already playing for their lives so they’ll be seriously up for it. We’ll stroll about the park thinking that all we need to do is show up to win.”

“This is palace, you know how it goes, it’s got 0-1 written all over it “

“they’ll see this as a must win game, and we haven’t shown any urgency in a long time.”

“If they score first that could well be that i am afraid”

“watched thje burnley v blades game and blades dont look that bad , just not that good. Please note their heads didnt drop after burnley goal”

“Only twice this season have they been beaten by more than 1 goal. They can definitely class themselves as unlucky to be on the points they are. It will be a tight game.”

“Sheffield Utd continue to play neat football, but they just don’t look threatening in front of goal. It’s similar at Brighton, but they have had the fortune of a few penalties.”

“I shudder every time we come up against an opposition with some sort of bad stat i.e hasn’t won in X many matches, or striker hasn’t scored in X many matches. We are a team that loves to handout gifts and being Christmas time I’m sure we’ll be generous.I’ll be very happy to be proved wrong and we play like a bunch of grinches.”

“After their defeat at Burnley tonight, Saturday is perfect for them to get their first win.

“They kicked us off the park at Selhurst last season and Baldock was the main culprit it took a few fouls before he was booked and then another few fouls but still no second yellow. I hope that we have a neutral ref and with Zaha AND Eze we should have enough to beat them”

“They aren’t playing for their lives. They’ve got 2 points from 16 games.
If they continue as they are they will finish on single figures.
Let’s not pretend, they are fcking sht. Sht. Absolute dog sht.
Some of our fans would take a draw apparently!
Even if we lose , I’m still right , surely.
Sheffield United , not Sheffield (ever) are fcking sht. “

“they always get beaten. Apart from 2 draws, by the end of December. Dress it up as much as you want. They will need to hit top 4 form to not go down this year.
They are sh*t , is the fact. If we draw with them , we will be joint 3rd worst after 17 games. If we lose. The worst after 17 games against them. They signed Brewster from Liverpool, we swerved one there.
I actually like the club, never called them Sheffield, as I’m English , Sheffield United. Proper club, proper ground , proper fans. But a pony team this year. It’s a must win , nearly everyone else has.”

“2-0 to us and ‘Puffa Jacket Man’ gets the bullet…..”

“I predict an identical game to the infamous West Germany v Austria World Cup game in 1978.”

By Roy

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