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“Fourth round could have been a lot worse. Potentially one for MOTD live. Fifth round is very crap.”

“Blimey if we beat a crap Premier Club in Sheffield United we get another crap club in Millwall or Bristol City. However as any of these are beatable we may be on our best cup run for donkey years.”

“Got a Premier League side that is strangely winnable, then a home game against a winnable-ish Championship side.”

“I reckon it’s a winnable tie, Sheffield Utd. After that we’d have to be at our best, but it’s not completely unthinkable!”

“two winnable (ish) draws there I reckon. Though I wouldn’t fancy Bristol City.”

“Possibly into the quarter final draw”

“Sheffield United, not a bad draw, it could have been a lot tougher. I think on current form this is winnable.”

“Maybe they will put the kids out and we actually turn up for an away match, stranger thing have happened, but it’s a shit draw.”

“Sheffield Utd will probably see a clear route to the quarters there. But come the day I think we have the best chance of the ‘davids’ who have been drawn against ‘goliaths’.
Come the day the pressure will be massively on them and their manager. If they continue to lose could he possibly have to beat us to preserve himself??”

“Given Sheffield are looking doomed in the prem, they could either:
a. Field a weakened team and hope the first teamers can sav them; or
b. Field a strong team knowing this is their only hope at winning some games and keeping th supporters happy.
I fear the latter is most likely.”

“I reckon it’s winnable whatever side they put out, bearing in mind their current position.”

“when we draw the shittest premiership team ever putting aside their run last season that’s not going to draw the money from tv revenues that make up the loss we will make from no fans attending or merchandised sold”

“Away to a prem team albeit a shit one is ok plus in with a slight chance of winning.”

“Prem but not glamour… upset given their form?”

“Eminently beatable given current form. 2 points! If we’re firing on all cylinders we could beat them.”

“They could be very short on confidence at the moment looking at their league position.”

“The Blades have only beaten Bristol Rovers all season”

“Sheffield’s a great day out on the razz. Oh, hang on! FFS.”

By Roy

One thought on “Plymouth Fans Views On The Fa Cup Draw”
  1. Us SUFC supporters are happy whichever team our gaffer puts out!!! Win or lose we aren’t Mardy like the S6 lot!!! However, yes we’d love to win more games, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we will be back!!!!!❤️⚔️❤️⚔️❤️⚔️❤️

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