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“We will win.”

“Sheffield United is a heavy set team and I think we could cause damage to their lack of pacey players”

“if Jose or his team are reading, please give us all a fucking massive hard-on and play that side. Just for a laugh. It’s Sheffield f Utd, one of the worst teams in the history of this league FFS.”

“Need Doc and Davies picked to cope with the aerial threat if Sheffield United, similar v Burnley.”

“Sheffield United rarely play the long balls there game is over lapping wingbacks and cbs”

“We must set up to not lose to the mighty Sheffield united. We must worry about their great attacking threat and make sure bergwijn is there to get behind the ball. 5 at the back is a must and if possible put 2 keepers in goal. Then hope kane or son score within 20 minutes then hold on for dear life against one of the most fearsome sides in europe.”

“So we are all over them and go one up in the first half and then we come out in the second half and just. stop. playing.
We let them crawl all over us for 30 minutes and then they score.
Jose is then spurred into action but the game ends 1-1.
There, saved you 90 minutes of your time, you can do something useful instead.”

“Another 1 half performance if we’re lucky. Game Plan: Start shit, after 10minutes start playing. Score. Half time. Second Half: Camp in a low block and try counter. They equalise. Subs. We attack. Game Done. Mourinho: Controlled the game & players at fault”

“Can’t wait to go 1-0 within first 20 and defend for the rest”

“Still can’t believe we got that second against Marine”

“What’s the point 1-0 guaranteed Sheffield United will score late”

“I am nearly at who cares mode.
Team of frauds.”

“Not even arsed anymore. Doesn’t matter who plays we’ll play the same turgid way.”

“Sanchez and Dier clowning around at the back, that’s happening for sure.”

“They’ll be a lot more up for it than we are and two of our worst performances last season were against this club.”

“We lost 3-1 at Bramall Lane with arguably our worst performance of the whole season – and there was pretty stiff competition for that particular accolade.”

“I think Sheffield is a lost cause this season”

By Roy

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