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“Just for a teeny bit of context; beating Sheffield United isn’t for everyone.”

“I’ve got to say, I didn’t think Sheffield United were terrible. Dunno what they’re like week in and week out, but they’re by far not the worst team we’ve played, I’m not sure what they’re doing at the bottom. Some of their build up play was decent, and they worked hard in defence.”

“I can see why they’re around the bottom, but I’m used to watching teams put everyone behind the ball and they did that well, and when they did break I thought they played some tidy stuff until they got to the final third. They weren’t spectacular obviously butthere’s plenty of teams we’ve played who have been worse. I don’t have to think about them again now, though, best of luck to them because they need it with that points total. “

“Sheffield United are a very hard team to play against when they are like this, but jesus we made hard work of that. Great win, but a tough watch. Not sure I’ve seen us create so little in a game.”

“Sheffield United are a good team”

“Sheffield United are a very decent, stubborn side”

“Truly awful spectacle, but great 3 points. Nearly shat myself when Fleck struck that shot at the end.”

“Fair play to the blades, I hope they stay up, especially for putting the rags in their place at prawn Trafford”

“ Have to give some credit to Sheffield Utd for defending quite well. Their keeper made a few good saves too.”

“Happy for the win because Sheffield defended pretty well but we were all sideways. Missed Stone’s passing from out of the back and Cancelo popping up in random places. Not many teams batter Sheffield so don’t want to get too carried away but we were pretty passive today”

“Good win against a well organised side.”

“A bit of a non event, credit to Sheffield for making it hard for us but we never looked threatened”

“Always tight against SU. 3 points”

“Bit dull. They defended very well.”

“Great 3 points against the Great Wall of Yorkshire”

“Never looked uncomfortable without ever looking entirely comfortable!”

“really boring game. i seem to just recall constant passes across the halfway line. Decent win though, clean sheet, move on!”

“Bloody awful. 90 minutes of my life I won’t get back. 3 points. Top of the league. But my god that was dull.”

“Sheff Utd as expected defended for their lives with all 10 outfield players behind the ball and then just went to long balls up the pitch near the end.”

“Embarrassing from a team that is way off of the pace and still park on the bus even though they are getting beat”

“They really do know how to suck the life out of a football match”

“Sheff made it a bore fest.”

“Sheff United were absolutely shocking and literally had zero intention of attacking until the last 5 mins”

“They had absolutely nothing upfront, it’s easy to look good defensively when teams play a back 5 and everyone behind the ball. They basically had one chance which was a volley from outside the box. Even against United their winner felt like the slowest attack of all time, just a good job United’s defenders are even slower!”

“Teams like Sheffield United still think this is the old City with Otamendi, Garcia and Old Stones at the back where if you keep it tight and 1-0 you have a chance for a draw at the end.
Its not the old City. You don’t have a chance at 1-0. “

“Remember Wilder v Rags. They have world class players. Wilder v Us money money blah blah
lets see if he does the money card again today”

“They were a set of big lads and physically dominated us for spells ,and kicked the crap out of us when they couldn’t. I thought they kept their shape , passed the ball well and competed hard sometimes fairly.”

“Another win, this time against an obdurate and skillfully dirty team ”

“Such a dirty team”

“No injuries despite their best efforts.
Crap ref.”

“Good win against a very well organised team of thugs. Can’t understand how they are bottom given how shit for e g. Albion are !”

“Bunch of cloggers, but not surprising when allowed to get away with it by a myopic referee. Dirty Baldcock should have had at least 4 yellows.”

“Could have had 2 re foul throws. How many fouls on Foden? “

“How Foden isnt on a stretcher tonight i’ll never know…..their game plan was clear and the ref allowed them to play it out.”

“Wins a Win but not a great performance but considering one of the most corrupt officiating performances and we were playing 15 it will do.”

“sketchiest prem ref I’ve ever seen, truly suspect, stone faced corrupt mo fo”

“That ref was as corrupt as they come.”

“Thought the ref worked his balls off today to try to even things up.”

“ref tried his level best to give them everything.”

“I couldn’t stand another second of them two pricks willing Sheffield United to score, outrageous commentary once again.”

“that’s why they’re going to go down. Can’t understand why the commentators were praising Wilder. Not only is it terrible football, it’s also extremely ineffective as evidenced by their position in the table.”

“Getting really tedious playing games against teams like Sheff Utd , no ambition , no football , just survivalists , its all about the Premier league money , no entertainment value at all , wouldnt cross the road to watch a Wilder team , no doubt he will be moaning about some decision after the game or the money we have spent .Just go and f*ck off and get back where you belong in the Championship , just wasted nearly two hours of my life watching a tedious boring football team who offered nothing . Cheltenham gave us a better game and showed more bottle than Wilders shower of shite.”

“Surprised teams that like to park the bus dont get called out by the premier league etc. As this style of football can only damage the premier league selling point. Who wants to watch that ?!”

“appreciate the difference in players ability , we have spent millions but surely a manager has to improve his players no matter what level they are at , play a system that atleast enables them to get past the half way line , would rather witness a team playing more expansively and losing 2-4 than just accepting a 0-1 defeat before they even kick a ball. Managers like Wilder and Allardyce are dinosaurs.”

By Roy

11 thoughts on “View From Man City”
  1. Totally classes fans forget how life was before they had bottomless pockets and they was shit, read there team was worth over 300 million more than ours and they complain we defend lol that tactic worked midweek by the way

  2. Whinging a lot more than the other set of Mancs. Most likely upset that the Blades didn’t let them score 5 and “entertain” their fans.

  3. You set of arseholes haven’t always been in the top flight,or have you forgotten.Then someone with money came in and bought you a team.Does it ring a bell.???

  4. Funny how city fans forget where they were before the money men came in ,they we poor and even in the old second division,short memories indeed.

  5. City would be fuck all without Man Utd. That’s the only reason they went from rags to riches. Absolute drab club with a roofless warehouse for a ground. Given by the council

  6. Same old same old all the usual garbage from one of the top teams that are made to look ordinary and not allowed to score 5 or 6 past us, grow a pair and give praise where it’s deserved.

  7. Lived in Manchester for 5 years. Trust me, city fans were a sat of arrogant cunts long before the money came

  8. Some Manchester fans think every team should lie down & let them put 5-6 goals past them , reality check football is about getting a result no matter how u do it , us blades fans are so sorry we couldn’t let your boys do it, but remember you lot was crap at one stage in your history, then came the money men & made your club wot it is now , proud to be a blade ⚔️

  9. Egg on face.
    This is proof that this guy knows nothing about football. His whole pre match write up was based purely on the fact that Sheffield United are bottom of the league and thinks we got lucky against Manchester United. When in reality he has forgotten that we are the same side who took it to the entire League last season.

    Biased and over opinionated and does not belong anywhere near a platform like this to broadcast himself.

  10. ……….“Surprised teams that like to park the bus dont get called out by the premier league etc. As this style of football can only damage the premier league selling point. Who wants to watch that ?!”
    How ‘kin arrogant can you get – what an arsehole

  11. Most of these comments are probably from fans that didn’t go ,or can’t remember when they were crap, and played at a shit hole of a ground.

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