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“Any game can throw up a surprise but our side are different gravy”

“the difference between us and the scum is MASSIVE”

“We will batter them”

“I can’t see anything but a win by at least 2 clear goals.”

“they’ve just played their hearts on and that would of been a cup final feeling for them, and well done, but they will come down to earth with a bang”

“don’t worry about Sheffield United on Saturday … they’re not going to win twice in a row, especially two away trips to Manchester … they’ve used up their quota of all the luck”

“this Sheffield team is the least talented group I’ve ever scene.
Normally, these teams have one or 2 guys who are uniquely skilled but flawed. They had none. All hardworkers no flair.”

“Blades are missing O’Connell (for season) and Berge who was injured before Christmas out for a while. Egan will be back from suspension, probably in place of Jagielka who will probably be lying down in a darkened room until at least Sunday after his performance last night. Might have Burke up front for some pace. Yep, little quality but very hard workers and rarely get hammered. But we turn up, we win.”

“They are bottom of the league for a reason, we are top for a reason.”

“As much as I am thankful and happy for Sheffield beating the rags, I can’t see us defending like United so I don’t see much chance for Sheff to get anything”

“Not overly concerned about this game.
Reason being,I never bought in to the Rags were title challengers.One or two said i was wrong.I wasn’t,you take away all their Pens,and other VAR gifts,and you are left with a pretty ordinary mid table side.Rags are not much different to Sheff United.
Dont mean it will be an easy game,it wont.
I expect they will put up a bit of resistance early on.Then we will take full control,and win comfortably.
Our Football will do the talking.”

“the Blades won’t be able to hold our attack from all directions, they are just not good enough this season”

“Will be down to how we go about putting our chances away. Got a narrow win at theirs and against WBA we actually only had 7 shots on target despite our dominance but put 5 away. We saw what happens when we miss chances galore in the home game v West Brom and also Brighton where we were fortunate to get 3 points.
Hopefully we still have our shooting boots on”

“To be fair on West Brom,they didnt park the bus,they tried but we were so much better. I respect teams that try. We have taught so much to the premier league. So many teams now try to adopt our style but dont have Pep to guide them beyond the goalkeeper passing to a defender.
Every time I get on the tube in London I can not but help sing to myself,mind the gap,mind the gap man utd !!
Sheffield will park the bus sadly.”

“They will put everything in the box & defend for their lives. Take our chances we win”

“Sheffield United will completely park the bus against us, I think they’ll start Burke and Brewster to try catch us on the break, Then again I think we’ve found a way to nullify the counter attacks against these sort of teams.
For Sheffield United to get anything from us they will need to have a worldie from every single player and need enormous amounts of luck.”

“At worst Sheffield United are going to be another one of those irritating bus parking teams.
Although even though they won against United I wasn’t too impressed with them. I felt they were leaving spaces that could have been exploited. United were just that bad..”

“Winning tonight might make them think they can play a bit of football against us…which would be nice for a change…”

“Reckon Sheff Utd will be a lot more defensive against us than they were last night. Expect them to just sit back in their bank of 10 defenders and let us play, but they’ll be knackered (physically and mentally) after last night’s performance and that should lead to errors, just hope our passing is as crisp, fast and incisive as it’s been for the last few weeks, ’cause if it is, it’s an “easy” win for us and we could absolutely batter them, but I’ll take 1-0 and a scrappy bore-fest to be honest 🙂
They were given free rein to kick us off the park last time we played them in Laporte’s comeback game (Baldock especially if memory serves me right), any chance we’ll get any protection/fairness from the ref, or will we get more yellow’s than them due to our “horrible” tactical nudges which are obviously far worse crimes than two footed lunges”

“Can someone contact Wilder before the game and see if he wants any rule changes before kick off? Might save some grief.”

“Even though they have improved recently they’ve still looked poor defensively.”

“They’ve not proved easy to beat in previous games so this may require a patient approach but that has often been the story of our season. As ever we need to make sure we don’t give anything away on the break or concede daft set pieces.”

“Massive Banana skin”

“I was impressed with how hard Sheff Utd battled on Wednesday. They were running through walls for each other putting in strong challenges all over the pitch”

“Fleck was the best player on the pitch in the first half last night, someone we really need to keep an eye on.”

“Their result against United is a good warning shot for us not to take them lightly, strongest lineup possible please”

“Sheff Utd have 16 games yet have a 21 goal differential , they are nowhere near as bad as their results have shown.We are in good nick but Sheff Utd can beat anybody and our run will come to an end sometime this season its how you bounce back from a poor result that matters most.”

“Sheff utd gave us a really hard game at home last season, and played nice football in the process, incredible how far they have fallen and how quickly”

“It’s been tough watching us struggling to score against them the last three games we have faced each other.”

“They will come to ours with their tails up and we must be wary. However, they gave it their all tonight so if we keep it tight at the back and score early their heads might drop and fatigue set in from exertion of a non stop battle in beating the rags. We can punish them and put them sword but having watched them beat United you never know. They need at least a draw so will need to try and counter us and take any chances they get, and hopefully (touch wood) we can keep another clean sheet.
it is the strangest season in the history of the PL and anything can happen
Any Sheffield United fans reading I wish you good luck in avoiding the drop. Good luck and best wishes starting after the game on Saturday of course”

“Sheffield are quite fortunate they had such an easy midweek fixture. Allows them to rest up and conserve energy before playing us this weekend”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Man City”
  1. I remember going to Maine Rd on many occasions watching my team Sheff Utd and saw quite a few draws. Those were the days when the majority of players were born in the town where they played. Man city fans will do well to remember they are owned by very wealthy people and can therefore buy success (remember Blackburn) you used to support a team with little money like we do so stop being bullish pricks!

  2. a few none football people on here so just for you we’re Sheffield United not Sheffield just like you’re Manchester city not just Manchester

  3. Roy I think it doesnt totally reflect the current 34 pages of our thread which does show a healthy respect for Sheffield United. You are going to get opinionated people on a forum obviously but there is no way the vast majority of City fans are not taking this game very seriously indeed. You’ve just given us great joy by beating United who are a good side. We dont take anything for granted . We know your manager is top notch and that result was always on the cards as there is no way you should be struggling given the quality in your side. Pep will go through the video nearly frame by frame and every single one of our lads will have to be on our game to counter the threat that you pose. This is a huge game for us given the potential to stay firmly up there. There is no entitlement whatsoever in the majority of our fans except the few little shits that love to stir the pot and get uppity. That doesnt represent our base. We know where we’ve been and are hugely grateful for our circumstances . We can still take a critical look at ourselves and havent really lost that self deprecating humour that helps lift us out of the blandness of everyday living.
    Our working class roots are still strong even though we are more mature in years.That hopefully will never change. We still are very much a Manchester club with a local emphasis first . Wishing you all the best except a result on Saturday.

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