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“No excuse for not beating these”

“The Blades are woeful”

“Can’t let these cnuts score against us, they’re shite.”

“Lads, its Sheffield united. Lets give some of the stiffs a chance to get a last minute January move”

“On paper should be an easy win but you never know with midweek games – they can sometimes produce funky results. However, we should win and quite comfortably. SU have been very toothless this season and also not as strong at the back.”

“Can’t underestimate them.
But it’s definitely an important game”

“It’s a league game and despite them being cut off, Sheffield United haven’t rolled over for anyone when I’ve seen them.”

“Sheffield seem to give us a good game every time”

“Treat this one with total seriousness.”

“Proper banana skin, last time they played us I felt they’d get points and get to safety easy… maybe they were just game raising cnuts.”

“Has anyone watched Sheffield United closely since we last played them?
I saw them draw vs Brighton with 10 men and they were up for that game, since then they beat a poor Newcastle but around that lost to Everton, Burnley, Palace and Spurs.
Their through to 5th round of FA cup but against lower league sides have just got through.
This will be a typical bottom of the league team game, if we breakthrough early then we could be on easy street, if not then they will play out of the skins and raise their game massively. I am more confident them versus Burnley and even Fulham but we will need to match their physicality and rely a lot on Harry in defending set pieces.”

“Please can we have a comfortable win for once?”

“Expect to win this – and should win big. but I said that about West Brom and Watford! We do need to give the goal difference a bit of a boost”

“I’ve not been looking forward to our games as much as I have in the past couple of months. Feels good to have our team back again!”

“Got a rum feeling this might not be the satisfying win we’re all hoping for. I expect we’ll win, but it might be a bit of a slog. Yes, they’re hopeless, but they’re desperate too. And desperate teams tend to show up for games against us which feel like a bit of a ‘free hit’.
Despite proving our mettle with this unbeaten run, it does feel like we need to give someone a thrashing to give certain a players a shot of confidence. It’s been a while since we’ve put in a really good 90 minutes. Hopefully my gut is wrong and we can do that here and score a hatful.”

“As shite as they are, we only squeaked past them in the reverse fixture where they almost grabbed a draw at the end.
We can’t have one eye on Arsenal at the weekend.”

” really like what these boys have brought to the league and it’s a shame they will go down, hope they go down with some dignity and get some points on the board (not Wednesday though).”

“I really rate Jack O’Connell from whenever I watched them play last season.
I seem to remember their form collapsing then when he was injured for a bit too.”

.”I don’t think we’ve played them yet without Jagielka playing”

“Ramsdale has to be the worst keeper that’s ever played in The Premier League”

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