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“Pack of absolute melts”

“Over the last 30 years, it was probably the worst performance.”

“Credit to Sheffield United though. They didnt even have a full bench. Came with a plan that we couldn’t get the better of.”

“that was a great defensive performance from Sheffield. They got their tactics and discipline right then fate rewarded them with two goals”

“That’s what they call a reality check….Sheffield United were excellent”

“Deserved result. We’ve been shit for a long time but scraping wins. Today our luck ran out.”

“Never looked like winning it.”

“SU played well and deserved the win, but again, we were useless”

“To think we lost this game at home with fans or without itself is embarrassing all credit to Sheffield United fully deserved it”

“Why did we respect Sheffield United??!!”

“Didn’t give Sheff Utd any respect, got found out with a shoddy performance.”

.”couldn’t make it any easier for Sheff Utd.”

“Clubs like Burnley and Sheffield Utd and even Wolves have become good at defending with 7 or 8 players and it is hard to break down. Giving away 2 stupid goals didn’t help and we didn’t get the break on the Martial one.
I think not having home crowds helps them as it’s harder to build intensity.”

“out classed by an extremely mediocre team”

“If you can’t break down the bottom of the table. Who have 9 players out, and can’t even fill their bench. Then you don’t deserve to be where we are in the league.”

“Embarrassing result for all United supporters. We should rightly get stick for losing at home to a side in Sheff Utd’s position.”

“I can’t fecking believe we’ve lost to Sheffield United. Sheffield United!!! That’s more embarrassing than the 1-6”

“Guess who City are playing this weekend, Sheffield United at home. Do you think there’s even a remote possibility of Pep or his players being complacent? Expect another 5-0.”

“Guarantee that City will give United a lesson in how to thrash Sheffield at the weekend.”

” City will be without Aguero and KDB and will probably bench Jesus and City will batter Sheffield United 4 or 5 nil… this is why United are useless!!! It’s Sheffield bloody united!!!”

“Man city will put 5 of 6 past Sheffield United on Saturday, you watch. A proper team, that have the quality and the manager to win the league.”

“Clubs only ever want to play out of their skins against us & rubbish against every other team Sheffield United play them blue bas***ds at the weekend watch them defend really badly & allow them to put lots of goals past them guaranteed”

“NOBODY worth their salt loses to Sheffield United.”

“It’s Sheffield United! Couldn’t even fill their bench!”

“Sheffield United are cannon fodder. Sheffield United just won 2-1. Sheffield United are bottom of the league. I cannot believe what I have just witnessed. No onslaught. Everything was around the box. No kitchen sink and bombardment. Anybody?”

“losing to sheffield at home is the height of it. Complacency!!!”

“No-one to blame but ourselves. Sheffield United didn’t do much.”

“Can’t believe we lost 1st spot against such team on our home with such goals.”

“I dont even think Sheffield United have defended like we did for the 2nd goal all season”

“Sheffield United have scored 2 goals in only 2 games this year, both against United. You do not win a title defending like this. the forward play today was depression inducing.!”

“Sheffield Utd’s big day out.”

“Were Sheffield United actually trying to score that second goal?
The move had all the pace of a team trying to walk it to the corner flag to waste time.
They couldn’t believe their luck”

” shithouses played for a draw.”

“We were awful today, that won’t change, BUT Sheffield were extremely lucky with both of their goals, and we should’ve had the martial one-they didn’t deserve to win the game. “

“The only plus is that we won’t have to face Sheffield next season, cos they’re so shit they’ll be relegated.”

“Commentators creaming themselves over the sheff utd players got old”

“Can’t Sheffield United celebrate their victory? ….if you are a true Man U fan,you would definitely be happy for them. They’ve shown us that there’s more to be done.”

“I’d rather have Wilder in charge than Ole”

“As crap as United were tonight – and we were undoubtedly – if it’s not a foul for Sheffield United’s opener then it isn’t one for Martial’s that was disallowed. They’re either both goals or both fouls.”

By Roy

9 thoughts on “View From Man Utd”
  1. you man utd supporters saying we will get blown away by man city………….. remember man city only won at SUFC earlier in season thanks to an ex blade K Walker

  2. sheffield United Totally Battered & outplayed and outclassed us tonight and although we were dominant in possession we were 2nd best in every other department including passion to play for the shirt. I hope Sheffield United avoid the drop as they are a breath of fresh air in a stale premier league.

  3. Wilders game plan worked a treat the idea to silence the home support for the first 20 minutes and it worked perfectly never heard a thing from them
    To be honest we were lucky with the first goal and Martial’s should have stood but we have had no luck at all this season so probably did deserve this touch of luck

  4. It SHEFFIELD UNITED not Sheffield!!! We were the better team last night with half the team depleted! Not saying we’ll beat Manchester in next match but, we will have a go! We’re not mardy so we’ll plod on as we do!!!!! ❤️⚔️❤️?

  5. Easiest 3 points the Blades will get allseason against an overrated £300k a week mega stars lol. I resided to fact there will be no Great Escape by CW and the team but it gives me hope to stick with CW and go again whilst tripping up a few of the big boys. UTB

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