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“We can’t even beat the teams who are going to be relegated with us !!!”

“Neither did Man Utd.”

“Sheffield Utd are on a run of form at the minute they beat Man Utd at Old Trafford then only lost 1-0 to Man City. then they paly a team who have lost all confidence in themselves ( us ). “

“We are the worst team in the Premier League and will finish bottom.
Credit to Sheffield United who are far far better than us.”

“Sheff United will finish above us, they’ve got way more about them.”

“Sheffield United have been improving over the last few weeks and are starting to look like that bad run is behind them.
It’ll almost certainly be too late to save themselves but as you say, they’re better than us”

“We saw it at the hawthorns and we saw it again tonight – they are miles better drillled than we are.
And MILES fitter.”

“Let’s face it, this is basically the same performance from both sides in the reverse fixture. They missed 4 or 5 sitters in that game. They should have had 6 points off us, not 3.”

“This is why those cup wins for Sheff Utd last month DID COUNT as part of a good run of form, despite what some posters think. They have their noses up now and by the time we play Brighton, we will be bottom of the league, which is a fair reflection of the 2 sides.”

“Sheffield United wanted it more; far more. They pinned us, won nearly every second ball and when you’re allowed to put that many crosses in, you’re going to eventually score.
Pathetic, spineless bunch. “

“The fact that the Blades wanted it so much more than us is what hurt me the most this evening. That made for pretty sad viewing.”

“Effort and energy costs nothing, they wanted it more and got it.”

“Pathetic again. Embarassing 2nd half. 1st half i thought we were comfortable, playing an away game.
But 2nd half they just sat too deep straight from the start. No where to take the pressure off, cause we were all too deep. No one in midfield to hold the ball and make a pass.”

“during the first half we went ahead against the run of play, I don’t think we had a chance before that and could/should have been losing. Maybe with a bit more luck we’d have got a draw but we simply weren’t good enough and overall Sheffield United were better.”

“Sheffield looked toothless in the first half and we somehow allowed to them to get even more comfortable while trailing”

“We we took the lead against the run of play against a very poor opposition. The second half was then so shameful. “

“Played of the park by a dire bottom United team !”

“Unable to get the ball off the team bottom of the league.”

“Why is we make every poor side we play look like Barcelona”

“We made Chris Basham look like Maradona”

“I think we’d make Chris Packham look like Maradona TBH.”

“One of the reasons Sheff Utd have struggled this season is because teams worked them out. They get crosses in to an overloaded box. Stop the crosses, they have nothing.
What do we do, let them cross all game long.
Do we even scout opposition teams?”

“Bringing McBurnie on totally changed the game. We did nothing to counter his presence in right midfield. nor exploit the fact Basham was constantly pushing forward into space. We just looked a bit thick.”

“Looking at the shots of the respective managers tonight………
Wilder was giving directions, reinforcing stuff they had done in training
Allardyce was yelling & losing his rag.
Know which one I’d rather play for.”

“This is the worst I felt after a game for a while. They deserved it, we had no fight, no plan, no leader.”

“I just want this season to end so incredibly badly. It’s making me so blinking miserable it really is. Run out of bad things to say.”

“I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t care about being relegated. To think, if I’d been earning £40K a week or more, I could have got to that point a few months earlier.
Genuinely the lowest I have ever felt about my club.”

“An owner and squad of players who don’t really care, added to that VAR and the fact we can’t go to the games has made me as disinterested as I can remember.”

“I wish I had never liked football, for every one high there are 20 lows.”

“Fleck should have been off. Reckless challenge from him 1st half went unpunished”

“Why did he take Robinson off, everything we were doing was going through him”

“Robinson was our best payer and he took him off”

“Think we are both doomed with Fulham”

“We are the worst team in the top two divisions with the possible exception of Wycombe.”

By Roy

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