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“Oh well. Another 3 points without ever looking remotely comfortable.”

“Huh? We looked completely comfortable all game, brainfart from Rudiger aside.”

“that was anything but comfortable”

“No idea how anyone thought that was comfortable”

“at no time in this game have we looked comfortable and in control – just a mess.”

” if I was a smoker would been 1/2 a pack at least.”

“bloody hard work that.”

“what a relief. This game was never gonna be easy.”

“Big 3 points, but it was not great to watch, and if we got a sucker punch in stoppage time, i dont think we couldve complained, since we spent the whole second half, turning down openings in order to keep possession. Low risk football, is ultimately more risky when you dont look to finish teams off.”

“Can’t remember Ramsdale making a save!”

“as I expected prior to the game this was always going to be tricky.
and we nearly cocked up, with rudiger being a fool.
end of the day give me games like this with 3 points over beautiful football”

“This was always a gonna be a tough game no matter where Sheffield United are in the league they give 110% for their manager so this is a good win”

“Sheffield United made us look crap and work very hard for that.”

“Sheffield did a good job of boxing out our midfield pivot, but it was harder than it should have been for us.”

“John Fleck doing his annual Messi against us”

” Fleck was running past Jorginho like he wassn’t there!!!!!”

“Sheffield are a much better side then their position suggest. Going down but they can give anyone a good fight.”

“Both teams gifted the other a goal but the run by Werner and the finish by Mount were the moments of quality that mattered.”

“Nearly shat myself on that last overhead”

“It almost feelt like the commentary is rooting for Sheffield. Disgraceful.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Chelsea”
  1. From a sheff utd point of view the commentators were willing Chelsea to finish us off,but we are used to that,not at our best but gave it a go

  2. Thank you for your honest opinions about the BLADES! We give all and play proper football! We’re just having an off season! We WILL be back! ?⚔️❤️⚔️❤️⚔️❤️⚔️?

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