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“Another afternoon ruined”

“Ah the magic of the FA cup. The plucky underdog gives their all in a blood and thunder encounter against higher opposition, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the opposition in an entertaining game attempting to muscle their way into the next round and a chance of glory,
Or… maybe not”

“Best thing you can say about this game is we haven’t embarrassed ourselves as much as we normally do.”

“Bearing in mind Sheff Utd are rock bottom of the Prem we haven’t really laid a glove on them – even when we had a 11. We are just so poor offensively it’s comical. .”

“the whole thing is a bit depressing. I know they’re the better team but… we barely played….”

“Unfortunately as usual – the opposition find another gear when we simply can’t.”

“Sheffield Utd looked like they had another gear and at times opened us up”

“Got what we deserved”

“Absolute tripe , sheff united their for the taking terrible peformance time for this muppett to be shown the door hes way out of his depth.”

“Best team won , no doubt”

“Sheffield United are bottom by a long way in the league above us, and were the better team tonight”

“Sheffield Utd are a very good side. I think we could have signed McGoldrick from Ipswich. Some rumours going round at the time. What a signing he would have been. Looked really dangerous floating around in the free role”

“Not an unfair result but it does stick to go out the way we did. It wasnt brilliant but it wasnt as bad as some are making out.”

“We did ok . Second half changed with sending off . Sheffield Utd did enough to deserve the win”

“Not a terrible performance, needed a bit of luck around the box”

“We sort of kept them at bay, but never looked any threat at all on the counter attack, totally toothless.”

“We’d play until midnight and still not look like scoring”

“It wasn’t terrible but absolutely nothing up front, at least until the changes.”

“I can take the losing, but we’re just sooooooo boring to watch.”

“They struggled with our revolutionary and unorthodox 6-1-1-2 formation.”

“God that was dull. Again. Result not unexpected I guess but we could have done a lot more. Just wish we would give it a go.”

“We werent terrible, but, still. Went out with a whimper sadly. We really don’t have much to look forward to with this coaching setup imo.”

“That was a free hit tonight. A chance to get some confidence in the players have a few shots let them play with freedom. But no negative and boring”

“We look like Mike Bassetts all-stars. How on earth did he land this job, did they think we wouldn’t notice”

“No disgrace, and we will play Sheff Utd again next season”

“Let’s be honest, we are rotten but Sheff Utd aren’t much to write home about.”

“We all seem to be over looking Sheffield United were poor with a strike force that terrorises no team and we made them look slick. They are a championship team in waiting – we should expect to compete with them next season even if they field this team.”

“Sheff U are not a good side, and we did not even have a go at them.”

“Sheff Utd were really poor”

“Sheff Utd were terrible”

“That looked like the mid table Champ battle that it really is”

“Sheff U are really poor easy to see why they are bottom by a distance. “

“Sheffield are bottom 3 by a distance not bottom by a distance.”

“No disgrace in that. Despite the Blades 63% possession they only just edged us in shots on target as we defended well. Can’t complain about the penalty devision but I think the red card is harsh: it’s not as if he made a keepers save or punched the ball off the line. “

“Don’t think that the penalty was wrong, probably red card too but VAR only at PL grounds?
Rights and wrongs aside, at AG it wouldn’t have been a penalty. Probably.”

” It’s ridiculous having a competition where this exists only at 20 grounds, it’s hardly a level playing field and while we didn’t look like scoring neither did they really
VAR should either be at every game or none”

“I can put up with most things about modern football but i cannot stand VAR. Not just because a decision went against us just watching any game i think it ruins it. Mark Ashton being a belter, Dean Holdens uninspiring football won’t stop me going to games! But the second they bring VAR to the championship thats me done”

“I see a very decent performance, marred by an undeserved red card.”

“I can only assume this comment is a deliberate attempt to wind people up.”

“That female commentator must be a Sheffield utd fan never heard anyone so biased.”

“I kept giggling everytime she said Jack Hunt, so I’ve enjoyed her commentating”

“What is Jack Hunt’s passing ability on football manager?”

“Get Wilder in when Sheff Utd give him the boot.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Bristol City”
  1. I agree with the comments about VAR it’s ruining the game , not a good performance by Utd midfield is too slow and lethargic no wonder strikers can’t score…no cutting edge passes to open defence up

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