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“They must be desperate”

“What are they thinking?”

“Thought he retired like 3 or 4 years ago. “

“Sounds to me like the players haven’t taken to Jokanovic’s style (he does rub people up the wrong way) and he desperately needs some allies in the dressing room. So he’s gone back in for a trusted ex player.
They look a bit of a mess to be honest, which I am quite happy with after the way they treated Wilder.”

“They have a terrible squad on paper.
Wilder was getting so much out of it but the recruitment they did when they were in the Prem consisted of signing very average Championship players, adding to their squad of already average Championship players. So when he went they suddenly became a very average Championship squad. “

“a very average player “

“Get ready for a cruyff turn on the half way line when he’s the last man”

“Literally shoots from anywhere on the pitch”

“Had a pass in him but other than that offered nothing”

“Guedioura is the worst type of footballer.
He’s the type that will go on about how he loves the club and kisses the badge then the minute the minute he gets a whiff a better deal, he throws his shirt in the bin.
Pretty good in his first spells with the club but stole a living in the second.”

“I loved watching Guedioura the first time around but didn’t believe he offered us much when he came back for Karanka.
He was passed his best and injury prevented a recovery to full match fitness.”

“Appreciate what he did for us under Cotterill & SOD, but influencing both Davies’ & MON’s departure, plus playing fairly poorly since returning, was never gonna have me be desperate to keep him.
Best of luck Geddy, pls don’t come back again. “

“The fella always put a shift in for us”

“Gave his all when he had the shirt, made some errant passes, made some blinders, got me off my seat though which given the abject mediocrity we’ve had in the middle of the park gives me cause to be sad he’s gone.”

“Had a pass in him”

“He had a few decent performances for us to be fair”

“Good luck to a player who was a bit talismanic in his first stint.
He gave us pace and aggression in midfield, a rasping shot that was as erratic as anything witnessed before at the WFCG, and the odd screamer of a goal.”

“We do desperately need a ‘Guedioura’ type again”

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