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“Sheffield United next. Who’ve just scored 6. Got it out their system hopefully”

“Overall we had spells in the game on Saturday where we were really on top of them. We had a few really nice one touch passing moves with little flicks around the corner that showed us playing with much more confidence than before. Bring on Sheffield United”

“Not a bad point on the road, probably should have been all 3 after a decent performance but we move onto Sheff United!”

“probably should have won given the chances and some impressive build up play. Subs slightly questionable but likely to have been made with Tuesday in mind.”

“First away clean sheet off the back of two league wins at home. Very positive! :)”

“I’ve more confidence that we’ll give Sheffield United a run for their money than I was 3 games ago.”

“They will most likely beat us due in part to their overall quality in every position. They will be more deadly in front of goal and convert more chances.”

“No doubt there will be a small minority of Sheffield United fans slating our numbers tomorrow but £33 quid for a Tuesday night Championship game is obscene and I don’t blame people for not paying it.”

“We will hardly take any people £33 for a ticket and it’s on a Tuesday night.”

“Charging away fans more than they were able to charge in the premier league having been relegated is quite shocking…”

“Anyone who pays that is either loaded or just plain thick”

“Sheffield United depriving your city of income from extra away fans eating and drinking – and preston have lots of greedy, alcoholic fans. Well done”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Preston”
  1. Totally agree with you guys, obscene ticket price for a midweek night match. Should be £20.00 tops.
    Those who come, hope you have a great night …. But not too good.
    Up the Blades

  2. Think you’ll find most Blades are disgusted at you been charged £33.00 for an away game, especially a midweek match. #twentysplenty

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