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“I’d like to sit here and say it was easier to take cos it was blades and at my 2nd footballing home but I think once it went 4-1 I was like ‘yeah please stop now”

“Sheffield United scored 1 in 5 games….. play Posh and score 6 in one game….”

“6-2 and the scoreline doesn’t flatter them at all…that was an embarrassment for 90 minutes…men against boys and we have learned nothing from our last foray into the championship”

“Given an absolute battering by a side who couldn’t hit a barn door before today, The Blades taking their frustrations out in style. Posh making Sheffield United’s attacking moves look like a training drill second 45, hit for 6 embarrassingly. “

“Fully accept the level of opposition but that was frankly pathetic. Not even in the game”

“Expected a defeat today…but that’s just embarrassing.”

“Shambles, we could have been 3 down at half time. The mistake in their defence for the equaliser papered over the cracks”

“shelffeld United were all over us”

“Another embarrassing performance away from home. Glad i left early in the 2nd half. We were awful all game long, despite scoring as we didn’t deserve to. “

“The fact we lost 6-2 shouldn’t be as concerning as how easy it was. “

“All the Sheffield players looked comfortable on the ball and had time to play their next ball”

“In my 22 years of watching Posh I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game that bad”

“Usually over a defeat within minutes but today is different – no excuses ever for conceding 6 in a league match”

“I wish I could say we didn’t deserve that, but we really did.”

“While it was quite amusing seeing the SU fans celebrating like they’d beaten Man City, that was an incredibly painful watch. The Championship to L1 gap looks enormous and I’m struggling to see where our next win comes from. “

“We very much looked like a league one side playing against a team full of not good enough for the prem champ players on stupid wages, pretty much just what you would expect.”

“We always play bad teams into form.”

“Pretty embarrassing “

“We are pathetic, this is a poor display regardless of them being an ex Premiership side, basic defending is the same what ever division you are in.”

“Just left the ground.
A capitulation.
No excuses. “

“The complete disinterest with which we’re watching them put the ball in the net means, we’re getting relegated. I was going to say if we don’t get 4 points from the next 3 we’re getting relegated but the way our heads have gone suggests the players know they aren’t up to championship level, and we’ve not brought in enough quality players, we’ve not mitigated any of the issues with positional weaknesses, and if we go down it will be totally the responsibility of the owners and DF for not bringing in competitive competition for key areas of the pitch. Furious”

“That was awful”

“The fourth and fifth goals were disgraceful.”

“all over not good enough”

“Made a 35 year old look like Ronaldo”

“No question – the better team won.
But 18 fouls to 1? Seriously?
Bit dodgy that…”

“There were at least 2 Blades penalty calls that should have been. Easy to blame the ref when you lose but that’s football.”

“Well done to all the dickheads singing and dancing in the concourse at half time but making zero noise during the game”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “View From Peterborough”
  1. Don’t be so disappointed Posh fans,if we’d have fielded the team that played in the Premier league you’d have slaughtered us.A couple of astute signings by Slav.

  2. This fixture, in Div 4, was my first time on The Kop, at 13yrs old, and for that reason I love it, but I think this one will live long in my memory also.
    Spoke to a few Posh fans before the match, decent fellas, and I felt a bit sorry for them, but hey, Baggies put 5 past US a few weeks ago, that’s why the Championship is a much better league than the Prem ⚔️⚔️⚔️

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