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“Oh diddums….did those Preston bully boys not let you win…”

“shove your greasy chip butties where the sun don’t shine”

“Totally deserved result, something about Sheff Utd really pisses me off…”

“its been quite a while since we’ve upset a fan base like this. and it’s from sheffield united fans, no less. a team who aren’t even the biggest club in their own city. love this game. love this club.”

“Honestly, a few of their fans are (rightly) getting stick for being arrogant knobs – but in my experience, Blades fans are the total opposite. “

“Sheff Utd are a poor side”

“The players that started on their bench cost over £70 mill to put the result and performance into perspective.”

“We played well, more than deserved a point over the course of 90 minutes. On another day, could have been 3”

“Sheff United had the best possession stats in the league prior to today, and off the back of a 6 goal haul at Peterborough, I thought we’d maybe have our work cut out but I thought we were good value for the point and on another day we nicked all 3.”

“Good result, played really well, when their 2nd went in it was a downer but not the ‘how crap we have been’ I thought should have been a draw.”

“Neither team deserved to lose, both teams could have scored a couple more.”

“They were the better side on the whole for me. Some lovely crisp passing and can hold the ball better as a team than us.
That said, we deserved a point. We were on top for a lot of the first half with some real width and the ball being sprayed around”.

“To my mind we were under the cosh before Potts came on”

“He wasn’t at his best but Sharp is a real threat at this level and Bauer kept him reasonably quiet”

“Robinson’s header on to Storey was superb.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Preston”
  1. Easily the worst away support I’ve seen in atleast the past 10 years. Time wasted started in the first half. Boring team, small club, very lucky. will be fighting relegation this season

  2. Blades are still getting a settled side, it’s coming. Preston played well, some big lads with a definite style and game plan , draw sickening late on , but a fair result. ⚔️

  3. I agree totally with the previous Preston fan we were slightly the better team but we could have lost the game quite easily great save from our keeper made up for his previous error .
    One thing that does worry me is why do we keep persisting with Robinson if he’s our best we have problems

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