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“The fixtures aren’t letting up, with Sheff Utd and Stoke to come. Things could become very ugly if we aren’t careful”

“We wont beat Sheff Utd”

“If we play the same as we did against Blackburn and Swansea against Sheff Utd we might not be so lucky and get hammered”

“don’t think it matters who we put out against Sheffield United, they’ll do us all the same.”

“think Sheffield United will give us a going over, but we have to take it in stride because we’re a promoted side, something we aren’t really used to being at this level.”

“I’d give the manager at the most until after Sheffield United and Stoke”

“Newly cocky Sheff U Sat is one we should look to win, they had a big win Saturday and we can expect the usual bollox when this lot come.”

“Over 4100 Sheff Utd fans at the MKM on Saturday. Hopefully a few more of our lot will decide to make an appearance too!”

“6 games without a goal… home win…..large crowd of cocky visiting fans. Used to love these scenarios at BP in the 70s ”

“Sheff Utd always bring loads don’t they, hate us.”

“yeah they sure do”

“Sheffield United is probably the least hated Yorkshire rival.
The other club in Sheffield however…”

“Our most hated rivals in the 70/80s , always trouble”

“thankfully they are not Sheffield Wednesday and won’t claim to have won the game based on how many fans attend!”

“After 6 games without scoring a goal and up next against a relegated from the premier league team, hardly an attractive proposition for those floating supporters who will find something more appealing to spend their money on.”

“I’ll give it a miss. Bit like all our strikers”

“I do feel sorry for Slater. Jokanović and Sheff Utd’s board ****ed him about all summer”

“ty22 to bag the winner v the blunts”

By Roy

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