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“We have loads of Division Two and a half players, decent in League One but very limited in this division, especially up against Premier League standard squads like Sheff U’s”

“At the moment we’re playing teams who have far more than us and it shows”

“The sheer gulf in class between the two sides was pretty evident. Pigs just sat in neutral and coasted and still stuck 3 past us.”

“Position for position other than Ingram pretty much 2nd best all over the pitch I’m afraid.”

“I don’t generally get upset when we lose,but when the third goal went in i felt like crying.”

“they were clearly the better team. But are we getting the best out of our team?

“Yes, they were better than us, but we pretty much defeated ourselves with shambolic keystone cops defending (and wrestling) and poor decision making in final third.”

“They didn’t get out of 2nd gear it was so easy for them. “

“we looked second-best all over the pitch and Sheff Utd didn’t even look like they had to get out of first gear to put three past us.”

“Shef utd hadn’t scored from a set piece this season til today, rock up against our bunch of idiots they’ve got 2 already. “

“sore defeat to that mob at home,no excuse for some of the defending but the ref and his assistants were ****ing awful!!!”

“Billy Sharp should have been sent off.”

“Yeah, they showed a reply of him elbowing Honeyman in the face twice, he was really lucky Honeyman didn’t make a meal of it or he’d have been off.”

“Honeyman gave Sharp a taste of his own tactics and he started crying to the referee . What a shame. The referee got 3 key decisions totally wrong”

“Sharp schooled Honeyman, who was already on a yellow.”

“We didn’t lose that because of the ref, we lost because we weren’t good enough.”

“They were distinctly average . Just a shame we were crap”

” a decent away turn out. Unlike our following which are youngsters and scarfers”.

“Kicked off in the north-east corner. **** was being thrown, City and Sheff Utd fans scrapping before the coppers came out to segregate them. Can’t stand Blades fans, worse than Wednesday. City fan lamped some Blades **** well from what I saw though so not all negative. “

“Shout out to that lad today who decided to take on the full Sheff United away end!”

“Embarrassing blunts banged by 1 lad”

“it was one of ours who ran into the away end and decked one of theirs, I’d say it’s pretty much a nailed on certainty there will be banning irders
To be fair, it was a better shot than any of our strikers managed this afternoon.”

“There was more fight from the fans in the stand, than the players on the pitch today”

By Roy

8 thoughts on “View From Hull”
  1. One lad came in and smacked sheff unt fans haha if you clearly watched the video he threw 3 punches and none of them connected just kids in football gear thinking there hard ! Small town in Scarborough !

  2. Hull fans really are embarrassing, they spent more time goading the much larger away contingent than they did watching the match. Because one idiot decided he wanted to take on over 4,000 Blades and got what he deserved they think he is a hero. what a plonker.

  3. The highlight for them was a smack head punching a Blade.That just about sums up the type of team they are. Pulling and pushing at set pieces ,which the referee should have punished, and they said the ref was rubbish.

  4. Blaming the ref? Clearly you think holding people is the right thing to do when there’s a corner not watching the ball at all totally deserved to let two goals in from it. Stick to rugby Hull.

  5. Take your time with getting injured player off the pitch!!!! Then there was a MIRACLE!!!! He started to run again!!!!😂😂 Honeyman absolutely dirty and Hull couldn’t win without blatant fouls!!! How much did they bugged the ref to over look the wrestling match!?!??!

  6. Their comments were generally fair, acknowledging Blades supremacy generally. Re the punch ups; if our lot simply ignored them, there would be no trouble. Just support the Blades and behave. UTB

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