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“I’d say that despite a great last performance they’ll start this as favourites and a draw will be a good result. I can see Allen and possibly Thompson both being rested due to them playing in internationals with another game on Tuesday”

“I think deservedly start as favourites, if only because we are away from home and our results overall have been poor away from home.”

“One thing for sure is we will will get pushed back in a way we haven’t been since the Fulham game.
We are going to need to hang tough if we are to get anything from this game”

“Championship doesn’t get much harder than these next two games.
We’ll know what we are made of after this.”

“I think Sheffield United might gain some momentum now and get top 6.”

“I only watched Sheffield United when they started poorly and expect them to be up there tbh.”

“Sheff Utd look like they are going to have a mixed season. A bit of a surprise but it means one less club competing with us near the top of the table.”

“I do some work for a sheff u fan and he tells me their playing bad. Can’t see them making play offs tbf”

“We can go to Sheffield buzzing”

“We’re all set for a great season”

“We are good to watch
We create chances
We are 1000 times better than we were last season”

“Last two performances have been very encouraging.”

“Both managers from the last two games have said that we’re the best team they’ve played so far. Very encouraging for the rest of the season.”

“I’ve been to all our League games this season except Brum and Fulham away.
The best team I have seen so far is Stoke City.”

“There isn’t one outstanding team this season. Probably the worst, quality wise, we’ve seen the league since we came down.
It’s there for the taking for a slight outsider like ourselves to spring a proper surprise and finish in the top two.”

“It’s a low quality gruelling league. There aren’t any excellent teams in it. The standard of football and officiating is fairly terrible. At our best we’re as good as any team I’ve seen.”

“I have a mate who is a Leeds fan (I know). When Bielsa joined and they beat us first game of the season I remember saying to him – enjoy this football – you will get better and better and eventually go up if you can keep him.
Watching Stoke this season makes me think of the same thing I told him.
If we can keep this style, manager and the core of the squad – maybe not this season but in the next couple of seasons we will go up.
It’s too good compared to most of the rest of the division…”

“We’re due to give someone an absolute thrashing.”

“ Building something good here
Doesn’t feel like promotion or bust to me”

“As we’ve sold out and I expect quite a few will be letting the train take the strain (I will) I’d expect to see a few bobbies to be out and about on Saturday.
Whether you’ll get marched around will depend on how many arrive by train and how the bobbies view the potential for fun and games. Sheff U are no mugs at home and will gladly oblige if anyone goes looking for it. As someone else has mentioned it’s perhaps best to avoid the pubs on London Road.
If you intend to just go for a good day out and show some respect to the locals you’ll be fine. “

By Roy

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