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“I think I rationalize this result by thinking Sheff Utd were a reasonable side. Did more than us on the day but I don’t think they are a better side than us based on what I have seen from us this season (Sheff U fans might say that their performance today was just average – I don’t know I have only seen them once this season and that was today)”.

“We can’t argue with that really. Other than being in control after our goal we never did enough. Sheff U would have been pissed off to have got nothing from that”

“Never during that game did it feel like we would win, even when we went ahead.”

“In the 2nd half we scored against the run of play (marginally). We then controlled the game for 15-20mins and then threw it away with some sloppy defending. Sheff U had the better of the first half and could have gone in 2 goals clear.
We can be pissed off that we threw it away but let’s not kid ourselves that we were the dominant team over 90 mins. I think both teams and sets of fans would have settled for a draw but if any team ‘deserved’ the win it was Sheff Utd. In boxing parlance they were the ‘busier’ team.”

“Not sure if McGoldrick is exceptionally quick, Wilmot is exceptionally slow or Wilmot was just a bit lazy thinking the danger would be cleared by others. I thought he could have done more.
2nd goal. Sawyers had a shocker. The sheff utd guy (McGoldrick again)was in the box a few yds in front of Sawyers clearly pointing for the ball to be played into him. “

“for the equalizer all the back 3 need to look at themselves. Wilmot too far up the pitch, Souttar dragged over to cover for him and Chester dragged over to cover for Souttar and all miss key interceptions. Still a very well worked goal by Sheff Utd.”

“thought we were very poor today apart fro the 10/15 minutes after we scored”

“we needed to score the 2nd when were on top.
We had good spells, but didn’t respond to the substitutions.”

” frustrating. Sheff Utd looked dejected.”

“didn’t deserve to lose that one but Blades took their chances. “

“How we’ve managed to lose that I’ll never know. Those players should be embarrassed”

“Backbone of a slug”

“Bottled it”

“gutted as we looked so comfortable up to 75 mins.”

“I haven’t seen us win away this season. We have started well but our inability to finish off these games ensures we will be play-off candidates at best. At times yesterday we were excellent but ultimately it was hugely disappointing to lose. A real missed opportunity “

“Still quietly fuming. Games like that have to be finished off or seen out when we’re cruising at 1-0 in the 75th minute – especially if we want to be taken seriously as contenders at the top. Sawyers was effortlessly class, but also mostly at fault for the winner. He should have come off earlier.
That said, the performance up to that point was professional and fluid and was brilliant to see Brown score a goal like that. Must be careful not to overreact, since we are still fifth in the table. “

“we can never beat the mid table teams”

“Can’t get promoted if we can’t beat mid table teams”

“sheffield utd aren’t really mid-table, considering that they were in the prem last season. they just came off a bad start.”

” Sheff U arnt and won’t be mid table.”

“Dont think they will be mid table tbh”

“The away day sell outs curse strikes again”

“Looked lots of seats at the front empty
Weird after a sell out”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Stoke”
  1. Majority of Stoke fans decent people, to utter bellends who abused a man’s wife and hit a blades fan in the back of head. You total shithouses, your not football fans just embarrassments.

  2. Not the best performance tbh should have gone in at least 2up at half time 2nd half didn’t get going for some reason got caught with sucker punch from a well taken goal then moose and didzy came on and changed the game for us and it was needed good 3 points against a good team and as for their fans probably the best I’ve ever heard at Bramall Lane a real credit to the club probably only time I’ve ever stopped watching a game to listen to the away fans….. quality

  3. It’s not often I agree with opposition fans’ comments, but Stoke fans were spot on there. Nice to see some constructive views for once. I’m sure they will be well up there by April. The best opponents this season yet at the Lane. It will be tough at their ground.

  4. Some excellent assessments there and they are spot on.
    They were a better side I gave them credit for and we may meet them in the play offs at the end of the season.
    We, as in United, played better at Bournemouth IMO and lost.
    Was chatting with some Stoke fans on the way back to Genting and they were saying the same as the posts above.

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