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“A tough game against a side that we don’t get a lot of joy from but a chance to bounce back after Saturday’s abject defeat. In fairness it was only our first defeat in 8 but it was the manner of the home defeat that was so disappointing”

“Surely there must be changes for Tuesday when we face the Blades who are always difficult to beat.”

“Here’s hoping the squad get dosed up on Red Bull and Weetabix to face the Blades.”

“After sitting through 94 minutes of dire football on Saturday, it’s hit me very hard around the face how bad our problems really are.It was one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a Millwall home side for many years and possibly the worst ever in a London Derby at the den. We were abysmal.
A day I was looking forward to ruined by Rowetts tactics and the effort of our players.”

“Lutons Manager got the tactics spot on, they did to us what we normally do to the oppo, we got bullied all over the pitch and could not handle it”

“It has crossed my mind a few times this season that at times we look like relegataion candidates. Saturday was the first time that i thought the players don’t look happy and aren’t playing for the manager or fans, that is a worry if it’s the case. I hope i’m wrong but we’ve been there too many times in the past, the feeling is familiar and today reminded me of that.”

“Players look shackled by the defend at all times mindset, we have attacking players on the pitch that look scared to go forward with the ball. “

“Noticed this all season every opposing team looks bigger stronger and fitter than us.”

“Drawett picks a formation to be defensive and not lose, and tells his players to play that way! “

“Rowett is going to lose the crowd in the next 2-3 games if we play like we did yesterday. I hope JB is already making informal inquiries about the next manager because once our crowd turns, it’s game over for Rowett!”

” if we draw or lose against Sheffield United on Tuesday, there won’t be that many there next Saturday, when we face Stoke at home!”

“Not content with draining confidence away from the players, I feel Drawett is draining the confidence away from the supporters!”

“I believe this is the best set of players we have had for a long time but Rowett is destroying their confidence.”

“Drawett picks a formation to be defensive and not lose, and tells his players to play that way! He only makes decisions (player changes), once his team have gone 1, or 2 goals behind! By then its often a case of ‘too little, too late,’ and we end up either drawing or usually losing!”

“Drawett’s dull, defensive football belongs somewhere in the 20th century, and that’s where it should be consigned to!”

“come 5:00 pm next Saturday, we could be back to looking behind us rather than up the table”

“Drawett’s answer will most likely be … more defenders”

“Have the players just had enough? Looked like it to me.
This is a slippery slope.
Even the 2 wins before yesterday, we didnt look convincing but looking back, it looked like they are just ringing out the last bits of enthusiasm.
Only they know that.
Not so long ago I was doing a blokes barnet whos son went to the U23’s on trial.
He said his boy reckons it was an unhappy camp.”

“isn’t it a bit early to be pressing the alarm bell? A couple of weeks ago most of the talk was about the play-offs.
Having said that, I think that we do have problems. “

“Wilder is a good shout for our next manager”

“Can’t see Wilder wanting to join us”

By Roy

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