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“A decent performance and we just about deserved the three points.”

“Superb all round players who haven’t shown up of late stepped up Bart as per all the way through think Rowett credit where it’s due got it spot on with the approach and going for it at the end got what we deserved”

“do they really think you deserved anything from that?? First half we gifted them a way back in to the game they wa in AT ALL!”

“we deserved all 3 points and they deserve nothing… we could of scored more and any other team would of against their defence.. they’re just lucky they’ve still got Sharp because he’s the only one capable of scoring against us..once he’s gone they will be league 1.”

“Hard work, but after Saturday, a great and much needed win.”

“think the game turned early in the second half when mcgoldrick skied one over the bar from two yards when it seemed easier to score and then the sending off. “

“Serious credit needs to go to Bart for this win, made at least 2 worldie saves!”

“Rowett still doesn’t get away with that for me. He never wanted to win that game from the sending off and in my opinion the players took it upon themselves, and for that they deserve every bit of credit..”

“If Rowett would just set the team up more positively I’m sure we’d be looking at a chance of the playoffs rather than mid table.”

“Great result, but frustrating as f$ck to watch..”

” 2 one in a million goals and a refusal from rowett to kill a team off”

“Lack of quality and professionalism from the players and manager, not to better control the game against 10 men.”

“They are took the game to us, we are truly pathetic”

“Glad Cooper scored but the fact is he was dreadful tonight.”

“Cooper is the worst defender we have at the moment”

“it’s either try to stay awake, or edge of the seat action. Well done Wall. A lot more energy on display tonight than there has been in a while. A well fought for 3 points. That win will maybe give GR a bit more breathing space.
Brilliant support tonight from the travelling supporters. Safe journey home everyone.”

“450 fans out singing the whole of Bramall Lane! NO ONE LIKES US”

“Ref gave them a Dodgy pen”

“Bout time we had a half decent ref “

“For all the sheff Utd fans crying. Cheers for the 3 points. Good ref as well I might add think he favoured united a bit more though”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Millwall”
  1. You think the ref favoured us more, what game were you watching because it certainly wasnt the one played tonight.

  2. Out sang the whole of bramall lane? Didn’t even hear all 35 of you celebrating the first goal? Shite support, rough football, cheating ref, low end team never going anywhere. 16th place it is for you lot if you’re lucky

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