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“Sunday dinner time hoping Jehovah`s witnesses come round and give me an in depth explanation of their beliefs.”

“Should be getting upbeat for our first local Derby of the season and I’m flat, totally flat!”

“Couldn’t feel more disconnected to the club at the minute.”

“I’m not even going. It’s going to get messy. “

“Bet the blunts can’t wait!”

“Will in all likelihood fail to score, midfield will be meh! and defence will get carved apart like a turkey at Christmas!”

“It doesn’t matter what the starting lineup will be at present, we won’t score & will most probably concede at least once. So we lose.
Unless a change is made in the dugout of course.”

“You’d think if he’s still here , that he would change tactics or formation . But he seems clueless”

“I think he’ll stick with the formation that isn’t working, change it in the 60th and 75th minute, and then chuck 4 up top for the last ten when we’re 3-0 down.”

“We could play till the end of the season under this muppet and wouldn’t score one “

“Manager is destroying our club. How is he still in charge? I cannot see how you come back from this “

“the humiliation will continue at the hands of the blunts. As long as we have the current coach and owners we will do nothing but fail and fall deeper and deeper down the leagues”.

“I’ll be there, but fear this could be a low point in a season that couldn’t possibly get any worse from any perspective. I hope I’m wrong.”

“Hecky back in charge by Monday”

“Poor run for Sheff Utd, fortunately for them it’s a free win at the weekend”

“They can lose every game from now on for me until the joker is sacked
Sad state of affairs that if he’s still here Sunday I hope united get 10 if it meant they finally pulled the trigger”

“Just our luck that we do beat em then Schloppy keeps his Job until we’re relegated.”

“don’t ever want us to lose, especially not to the blunts. Plus each loss is going to be harder to recover from..”

“We drubbed the blunts under Morrais to be fair, do you want to small side bet that we won’t see that on Sunday?”

“We won’t get near them. “

“Blunts are gonna score 6”

“Best we can hope for is a 0-0 draw anything else is doom”

“It would be very much like us to have so much crap going on and then go and win a South Yorkshire derby.”

” Beating the blunts is one of the sweetest things going.”

“Beat the Blunts and our season starts here. Cheer up you miserable feckers. When we beat them 3-2 at Oakwell with the Bradshaw winner. I didn’t go as we were playing **** and I worked overtime instead, United we’re expected to hammer us. Let’s hope history repeats itself in this fixture. Except I’m going to the game this time. COYR “

“What are you on? LSD? Or overdose of antidepressants? Or are you writing from a secure unit, after being sectioned?”

“Are you a member of the Flat Earth Society? They have members all around the globe.”

“There will be 8,000 there at a guess”

“Sheffield United are going to outnumber us at our own ground”

By Roy

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