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“Forget about the last 10 minutes we were absolutely awful .
I only stayed till the end to see if there was going to be any shenanigans against the ownership or HC .
The blunts switched off at 3-0 mentally and allowed us a sniff .”

“Walked after their third…. Don’t give a sh8te how many we scored. It was shocking. Earliest I’ve walked out in 52 years. And I’ve seen some dross.”

“A purple patch cannot mask the fact that we were awful for the majority of the game, and could easily have been five down before we scored.”

“we were lucky it was only 3.”

“Total car crash”

“Yet another truly dreadful performance. The two extremely well taken goals doesn’t hide how poor we’ve played yet again. Six defeats on the bounce. One win in fifteen league and cup games.
I can’t think of many positives, if any. Possibly the performances of the substitutes.
Very down.”

“No desire to defend whatsoever ! Blunts throwing bodies at the ball when we Attack we just looking on in opposite end”

“Has the PE teacher been relieved of his duties yet? A change now gives us time to appoint a football manager in time for the International break in November and give him the chance to actually give the players some direction, then, maybe, we have a chance of staying up.
No doubt the frauds in the board room will be told by the frauds in the dug out that that was progress.”

“Let’s not forget we’ve just broke sheff U’s horrendous away win record….
We didn’t look good…. “

“Another game in which we looked clueless. More fool Blades for switching off and helping us out with our rapidly deteriorating GD. No plan, no cutting edge… concede easy opportunities from our own set plays!… Awful. Back room clear out needed!”

“It also has to be said that Sheffield United had replaced Mousset, the scorer of their first 2 goals at 2-0 and much of their threat disappeared with him.”

“It was clear during the game we have the players to beat teams like Sheffield United – but until these owners start to believe that winning has got to be the ONE and ONLY objective then they have lost my support.”

“The blunts were poor”

“The blunts were dire yet we let them go 3-0 up”

“I think Sheffield Utd were the second worse side to play at Oakwell today. And we still lost”

“Didn’t expect a defeat today”

“Decent day tbf. I believe in the players but schopp needs the chop. Thought our fans were decent. Even the sit darn people joined in the fun. Weird day for me but enjoyed it because of our fans.”

“Was it just me or were the Sheff United fans so quiet today”

“It could be worse we could be Man United”

By Roy

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