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” a match between two sides containing both quality and battlers, and with the elements having their say, we needed to be strong and brave as well as good on the ball. And we were.
At the end of a season, it’s matches like this you sometimes look back on and say that is where the season was won/lost. It feels like a real endorsement of the work being done.”

“Easily our best performance this season – we look a team well deserving to be top of the league. Sheff Utd a serious side & will be up there.”

“winning ugly…sounds great to me, about time we played with true grit and determination”

“Fantastic character today against awkward opponents and in terrible weather. Bonus was seeing West Brom and Fulham play so badly
lets be honest though – we got lucky with the pen as it was outside area while their goal disallowed maybe was harsh. Makes up for the handball incident when they got a last gasp equaliser in 19/20″

“Great result in difficult conditions…..we did what we do….ground out a result….got a bit lucky with the pen but we’ll take it…… don’t know what it is with opposition striker’s missing sitters but long may it continue”

“Have to be honest though, I’d be livid if I was a Sheffield fan. Never a penalty”

“It doesn’t matter where the offence starts. If he’s still fouling him when he’s in the box then it’s a penalty. And he was still hacking him when Dom stumbled into the box. That’s why the ref paused to replay it in his head. 100% the correct decision.
I’m going to guess that Sheff Utd fans will be spitting feathers about it. But that’s because they don’t know the laws.”

“Sheff U will feel hard done by, coming away from that with nothing.”

“Thought they had the first half, could have gone any way in the second and they took they lead it seemed history might be proving itself again.
But the game changed 6 minutes later with the penalty and then the second goal and our team held on to their lead to take all 3 points.”

“Moussette hitting the bar was the Cherries on the cake.”

“I think Kelly got a slight touch ahead of him, if so, credit to him for that one. Very good block from Cahill on the follow up.
Great result that and quite an enjoyable game to watch”

“That’s entertainment ……. what I was told the Championship would be like. Even a small melee.”

“Expected goals has us about 15th at the moment, so we’re statistically over performing by quite some distance and over the season it will even out so providing we stay at a similar level we’ll slide some way down the table. Added to the fact Fulham got progressively more turgid under Parker as they got closer to Christmas and into early 2020, he’s not got Mitrović to bail him out of the hole he might find himself in.”

“Absolutely loved the lads after that second goal, celebrated in front of the Sheff Utd giro collectors, then launched themselves into the South Stand, JA’s passion”

By Roy

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