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“We have never beaten The Blades at home”

“The blades have won 2 of their last 15 away matches”

“If they think they had a frustrating night against Boro just wait till they see what we’ve got in store for them!.”

“I’m looking forward to scoring an early goal against Sheffield United’s leaky defence before a utter shithouse second half.”.

“they really are a shambles at the back”

“Chances are..we will absolutely bazooker Sheffield…get back to top..”

“Bring on Sheffield on Saturday, they’ve had a little wobble after a good run, with our best 11 starting – don’t forget we rested some against Peterborough”

“We’ll need to do better against Sheffield United than we have been playing”

“Looking for a better performance on Saturday against Sheffield Utd”.

“The next five games will make our prospects clearer. All against top half sides, we’ll Sheffield are 13th but by one goal. Chances are we’ll go behind for the first time in the league. We’ll have to play against a team defending a lead, bit like Peterborough played.”

“4 of the 5 against (current) top half teams and the fifth (Sheffield) in 13th by virtue of one goal. A tougher challenge than some so far?
We have played some brilliant football at times this season, often for one half. It is significant that we haven’t gone behind so haven’t had to play against a team defending a lead. Which is how Peterborough played last night. We couldn’t find a way around”

“You cannot walk this league and you can draw, win or lose to basically anyone. Just because on paper they had the worst defensive record in the league doesn’t mean we can go and smash 6 or 7 in without any effort. Coventry were flying and Luton, who we beat at the weekend put 5 past them. Sheff Utd, one of the favourites at the start of the season are imploding. We are unbeaten in 10, 13 points from 15, 2nd in the league and look so solid at the back and to add to that basically spent the first 4 games of the season playing kids.”

“This season I think Fulham and West Brom have better squads than us on paper and I also think watch Sheff U now they are clicking a bit. So I’m not convinced we have the best squad”

“Still can’t see past a Fulham WBA top two.hope I’m wrong. Even if it’s not us who gets in there, just for the sake of competitiveness it would be nice if one of the top two spots went to a side that’s not either of them or Sheffield United. The whole point of the championship is that anybody should be able to achieve the dream, parachute payments are ruining the game at this level. What is the point if the relegated sides just get promoted every year?”

“Moussett is back for them”

“That’s just improved our chances then”

“I vividly recall Mousset coming off the bench at Bramall Lane and setting up their winner in the last 5 minutes back in Feb 2020. We were not laughing then, and not now when we realise what an extra point would have done to the table that season.”

“I wonder which Brooks will appear for this game ?”

“Perhaps we’re still playing him hoping he comes back into form. Otherwise we’re stuck with him or looking at taking big loss.
On his current trajectory, he looks like seeing out his contract and signing for someone like Millwall or Nottingham Forest”

“I don’t think Brooks has ever recovered from his ankle injury.
He just doesn’t seem to have that bodyswerve/ change direction he did before”.

By Roy

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