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“That went well”

“Could/should have been 10 “

“That could easily have been 6 to 8 nil.
Be thankful for small mercies. “

“*pretends not to care”

“Sheff Utd were odds on favorites and I expected them to win
I think we were around 11/1 to lose 4-0 though. Lucky it wasn’t by more.”

“a major arse kicking”

“Blades took the urine.”

“Beaten …..more like slaughtered…. terrible all round the park”

“Let’s be honest and say we were begging for the ref to end it all. “

“Men against boys”

“What an absolute shambles. The commentator was laughing.”

“We made it so easy for them it was embarressing.”

“I’ve never been so embarrassed, and angered to watch us”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that Sheffield United were wasteful with the golden chances we presented them yesterday would have been much worse”

“I cannot stand this football we are playing. Manager has to go, dreadful. He will take us down next season. Two corners all game, first one on 53 minutes. f**k my eyes.”

“That was by far the worst performance I have seen (live) from a Swansea team for many a year. My overriding emotion is not anger (which it probably should be) it’s not frustration (which it could well be) it’s not sadness (which is normally how I feel after we get pummeled) it is just a downbeat acceptance of where we are. We need more pace and I don’t just mean raw Obafemi type pace, I mean players who play at pace for example we never seem to break at pace as a team (both Sheffield today nd Hull recently broke with pace and we couldn’t deal with it). “

“Why on earth did he try and dominate the ball against Sheffield with so many quality players. “

“Opposition players know exactly what Swansea is all about. But today they were up against a physical strong running side, that took no prisoners and didn’t allow for Swansea to play their usual passing game. With the result that Swansea just didn’t have an answer for.
The same that will happen against Bournemouth on Tuesday. As they are very much like a Sheffield United side”

“Today when you saw the Sheffield players break out. The player that was receiving the ball was already running at speed, then a quick one two to another player who was also running full pelt as they use to say in where I come from. So before the Swansea players knew what was happening. The Sheffield players were either on the flanks ready to get the ball over or already up in the box with a chance of shooting at goal”

“unstoppable shot for he second, but the build up was. We are just watching the game. Pathetic. “

“That strike was unreal to be fair. “

“I’ll go further, the goal was absolutely superb.”

“Sheffield United are a hard, fit, physical team. Prepared to take a yellow card for the team. Against a team that didnt seem to have a plan in how to combat them.”

“Sheffield United fans unsurprisingly saying we looked like the worst team they’ve played at this level for ages, same thing Stoke fans were saying a few weeks ago. We won’t go down this year but it doesn’t bode well for next season does it?”

“Utd were all over the pitch, their play was to capitalise on our errors with speed , yet again, they played the left flank early on, oh for a Bidwell type huh?
Couple of dirty tricks on their half as well, little digs and I am sure if one of our players put a tackle in like the Utd player did , hed be off.”

“A little perspective is needed so here goes
This is a strong Sheffield team
This is a long term project “

“why get a 18 yr old kid to mark Billy Sharp ,a tough 36 year old who had him in his pocket”

“Burns versus the old sweat that is Billy Sharpe. Blades had a load of injuries too up front. “

“Morgan Gibbs man of the match….Billy Sharpe fitness unreal and a sublime chip for his goal….We were well beaten today”

“Trust Gibbs-White to turn up today and kick us in the unmentionables”

“Morgan gibbs white -I still think that if he hadnt been recalled then we would have gone up last season”

“Match day sponsers announced Grimes as Sheff Utds MOM”

“I’m nipping down to the stadium later to see if any season ticket are nailed to the stadium. I’m desperately short of nails after the storm knocked my fence down. “

“At least sheffield has some great pubs…”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Swansea”
  1. Couldn’t understand why your keeper kept hold of the ball when you had 2v2 up front, just allowed our defence to get back

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