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“Legend has it that the Blades tend to attract the working-class Sheffielder, whilst the Owls are viewed as the more aspirational, middle-class club. Whichever opponent, Rovers have suffered some heartbreak in the Steel City over the years; the most memorable recent victories tending to come at Hillsborough rather than Bramall Lane.
The (if you believe it) working-class Blades have traditionally proved to be obdurate opponents and similar can be expected this February. The victory at Ewood earlier this season after that Fulham game, proved to be a catalyst for a sustained run of positive results which catapulted Rovers into automatic promotion contention. The New Year however, has served only to pour cold water on those heady dreams. Poor recent form means that Rovers really need to secure a decent Bramall Lane result this time, else the great work of November and December will turn us into footballing Bullseye contestants… “Look at what you could have won…”
The form table after the draw at The Hawthorns certainly calls out the size of the task ahead for Rovers. A re-energised and re-invigorated United are seemingly starting the sort of late season surge that can easily propel a team to the play-offs. We all know the challenges that Rovers currently face in the goal scoring department and given the Blades’ defensive record, this match in the Steel City requires Rovers to be on their mettle.”

“Big game this one but they are the team in form , not us”

“Hope we can get something, but do fear the worst on Wednesday. A draw would keep them at arms length and a win would be wonderful. A scabby 0-1 against the run of play please and a return to our winning run, will go down nicely. “

“If we can win at an inform Sheff U on Wed with the run their on and with no goalscoring forward in our team and being on SKY which we never play well on,it’ll go down as one of Mowbrays best wins with us.Teams all around us will keep dropping points so taking points off another up with us is doubly important.we just need to get out of this funk were in and 1 win could kickstart our season again however unlikely that’ll be in Sheffield.”

“The single worst fixture we could have right now given the run we’re on. They are the leagues form team and look pretty formidable opposition, especially at home. We couldn’t hit a barn door, BBD is out for a while, and our friends at Sky are showing it again. Surely the tide has to turn at some point? I really think it’s important we don’t lose, and have a feeling we may spring a surprise”

“A point is far from a disaster. If we can keep it tight and nick a scrappy winner that would be perfect.”

“I’m not usually one to ‘take a point’, you want to go up, you go out to win.
However, this has a real Hull away feel to me
Get a point out of it, it keeps Sheff Utd at arms length too and we go again to give QPR a shoeing on Saturday.”

“Gonna be tough, but I think we can get a draw, or possibly even sneak it. Just need to take chances that come our way”

“By the time we kick off at Sheffield we will have played 1 game in a fortnight since losing to Forest.
In the same period Sheff Utd have had 3 games in the last 7 days.
So as tough as it will be I would hope that one advantage to our recent lull in fixtures and them having to catch up games is that we will be fresh and ready for a 90 minute effort. I will be concerned if they appear more energetic or fresh.”

“When we’ve had a significant break in the past we’ve usually played like we’d never seen a football before.”

“Several times this year we have had a time advantage to be more prepared than our opposition and each time we have been dreadful.
Extra 24 hours on Huddersfield – we were rotten
Extra 24 hour on Hull – we were rotten
Extra 24 hours on Luton – we were rotten
Swansea played midweek while we had a midweek off- we were rotten
I think we know what happens on Wednesday. We’ll be 2 down in 20 minutes and go down pretty meekly without threatening.”

“We really really could’ve done with playing yesterday and making home advantage count. Refs seem determined to do their level best to try and stop us having a tilt at promotion this season. No doubt this one will be a ‘homer’ as well taking the opposition numbers to 12 !
Another narrow defeat here i’m afraid.”

“We won’t get anything from this one. It could be that other results put us in the play offs despite ourselves!?”

“head says a miserable loss , heart says draw”

“Really think we’re going to struggle here..”

“Not full of confidence for this one, they’ve hit a great patch of form lately.
I really can’t see how we score against this lot, after being unable to against the likes of WBA and Swansea.
I’m quite the optimist, and will generally predict a clutch win in these sorta games. But i’m just not feeling it this time, 2-0 Sheff U.
Really hope i’m wrong, but either way”

“Not a cat in hells chance if us getting anything from this game. Watched the blades recently and they looked a lot better than us at this moment in time”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.
It seems to have all the ingredients for a disappointing night:

  • A while since we last played
  • Away from home midweek
    -Live on Sky
  • Sheff U are in decent form and strong at home
  • We’ve had goalscoring woes and Brereton is out
    We really need a result and a win if we are to keep the pressure up on the top 2 but just can’t see it. We just always seem to struggle in these sort of fixtures.”

“Heckingbottom has done a good job there since taking over from Jokanovic. He has gone back to a formation and style that suits the players there. Jokanovic seems not to want to play that way. From what I have read he was never the first choice there.
It will be very tough game and we need to be defensive solid and make sure we kept Billy Sharp quiet.”

“Real football city is Sheffield, even when both clubs are outside the top flight (way outside in SWFC’s case) they still muster 50000+ crowds between them.
Yet, as a place it gets zero recognition as such, in contrast to those two other similar cities that happen to just have the one club, but are deemed as unique hotbeds of passion.”

“I really like Sheffield. I like the accent and The Full Monty still makes me laugh. A few of my refereeing colleagues were from Sheffield and they were always solid and supportive whilst never afraid to speak their minds. I normally like to see both teams doing well but on Wednesday (no pun) we are in for one he’ll of a tough game. Hopefully we can sneak a win but if you offered a draw now I’d snatch your hand off. “

“I’ve only ever been to Sheffield once when football hasn’t been involved and that was to run in a cross country race in a big park in the city over 40 years ago.
The snooker at the Crucible is on my bucket list though, so hopefully I will tick that one off one day.
Mark Patterson says that Blades fans are unbelievable and he regularly gets recognised on holiday etc even though he didn’t play for them for that long.
Some good bands have come out of that city over the years as well. Human League, Heaven 17, Arctic Monkeys, Richard Hawley, Pulp etc etc”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Blackburn”
  1. Think you’ll find things have changed in Sheffield, Bramall Lane attracts people from the South part of Sheffied, Such places Fullwood, Dore Etc Etc Not the Factories that Sheffield is famed for at S6 Hillsboro………UTB!

  2. What a lovely constructive set of views from Blackburn. Quite a difference from the foul mouthed buffoons of Hull last week. Sorry Rovers, I expect a Blades win, but I now have a favourite Lancashire team. All the best for the future. UTB

  3. The first comment is stupid. How the hell does he know what occupations 20 odd thousand blades fans do for a living. Working class anyway is the wrong description for us blades fans. Loyalty & hard-core supporters is more like it!

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