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” We survived a difficult first 5 minutes, then progressively grew into the game with our slick passing, good pressing, and individual/collective skill.
They were so frustrated, they totally lost any professionalism, and should have had at least one more red card. But still we dominated.
The penalty decision was our downfall, ironically, as it proved we have ZERO COMPOSURE when it really matters.
Before the penalty miss, I thought tonight was looking like the turning point in our bad run, and if we continue where we left off, on Saturday, I genuinely believe it will be.
At 5pm tonight I was worried, but now I’m optimistic.
Lots of pressure on Saturday, tho. “

“ShefU will promote. I have no doubt. they wanted it more.”

“Death spiral continues…. we are soft shit pie…. The avoiding of Josh Maya could cost us millions….no “real” striker…. even a Billy Sharp would had won it for us tonight.”

“Sheff Utd are a decent side, on a good run but we matched them and if that penalty had gone in, we’d could well have won. Fine margins. “

“A draw would of been fair they were better first half and we were better second half. “

“We were very fortunate not to be behind, hence out of the game after 20 mins. Fair do’s to the lads they slowly turned the game around and second half in particular played some excellent football. There was some real quality on show I thought. “

“After that, I’m not in a great mood tonight.”

“I’m pretty devastated, mainly because of the bigger picture/golden opportunity we’d forged for ourselves in the first half of the season but also because it feels much worse losing on Sky, for some reason.”

“No way did we deserve to lose that. Absolute salt rubbed in with the qpr and Huddersfield turn arounds. But that result was bollox “

“How we didnt win I do not know, criminal.”

“We could’ve played til midnight and we wouldn’t have scored. “

“We had the game handed to us on a plate tonight and blew it. Genuinely feels at this point like we won’t score for the rest of the season. “

“Rovers played very well, the best in along time. We should have won”

“We outplayed them, we really should have won”

“we aren’t getting the rub of the green at the moment “

“Penalty and against 10 men?”

“I just can’t with this team. 10 men and a penalty miss. It’s pathetic. “

“This was always going to happen with that thick idiot in charge.”

“Sheffield United taught a lesson on set pieces.
They’re a nasty team though. Great ref, they could have had more yellows and another red though, but no complaints.”

“Sickening result but after a shaky start we took the game to Sheffield who resorted to cheating tactics. They could and should have ended the match with 9 men. “

” I had a nasty feeling when the referee bottled giving a second yellow to Berge.
Definitely not deserved”

” I haven’t seen as thuggish a team since the 70s. Ref lost it when he ignored the Nyambe faceplant.
One good shot all game, from Pickering, great save to be fair.”

“We were dominant, against a disgracefully desperate team of cynical cloggers.”

“The THUGS win”

“According to Radio Sheffield we were the thugs who came to stop them playing.
The BBC shouldn’t be allowed to do this. “

“We deserved a point against a team of twats. “

“Dirty United bastards. “

“If we somehow hang on for a play off place i hope we play these dirty bastards in it and give them a kicking. “

” Ref let their players scream in his face all night.
Didn’t even attempt to stop or warn them”

“TM post match comments: “I don’t think we’re a great football team”. That’s a big understatement. We can’t even pass the ball or retain possession. That’s tolerable when it’s effective and you’re winning games but is awful to watch when the results are not going so well. I don’t enjoy watching this team but they do give it their all.”

“After 50 years watching you should take it in your stride and usually I do but that was hard to take tonight. Rovers somehow found a way to blowing a match we should have won. “

“Absolutely devastated and booted my coffee table which is now busted. In the dog house in the morning for sure. FFS.”

” Have to admit, as I’ve got older I don’t hurt as much after a defeat as I used to.
However I live the game through my son and daughter who have had previous little from Rovers all of their supporting life unlike their Dad. It’s bloody awful watching my 19 year old lad so gutted after a game. He’s had his hopes raised for the first time in over a decade and he can see it all just fading away in front of him”

” Another missed opportunity – felt like a play-off match, bits of quality, bits frantic, yellow cards flying.
Despite ref calls going our way, but the oddity of Buckley sort of in a centre forward role, Gallagher out wide (and playing) etc – it wasn’t really any surprise we couldn’t score again.”

“I wish i was there tonight,watching it on SKY isn’t the same as being able to tell the Sheff Utd players they’re Dirty Bastards where they can hear me rather than shouting it at the TV”

“Great point and the stewards didn’t give a toss tonight, that wasn’t the case at Sheff Utd in years gone by.”

“I hate football”

By Roy

13 thoughts on “View From Blackburn”
  1. Deluded twats. Ref gave you everything, gave us nothing. You created 1 or 2 half chances, and passed it sideways and backwards. We had more possession, more shots, more on target, more passes, more corners. How did you dominate? I’d be embarrassed if I was you lot, soft bunch of diving pansies. Didn’t deserve a single point and we showed you how to win a game with 10 men. Enjoy your next match, maybe you could score your first goal in 5 games. Scruffs

  2. Blackburn are a Bloody Good Team & If They Tried Playing Football Instead of Diving & APPEALING & ARGUING OVER every Decision They’d be Even Better… Maybe Next Year!

  3. Cheating diving gits Blackburn Divers.Listening to Asaba on way home he was livid even with help of the 3 bent idiots they couldn’t beat us UTB

    1. Rovers where the cheating bastards and along with the bias ref and officials still couldn’t beat utd well done blades

  4. Time wasting, diving and moaning at the useless officials – constantly. If Blackburn concentrated on the football more, then could well have won easily. Strange outfit and I’m sure they fade away out of the play offs with that approach.

  5. Ok the after watching it back the sending off was a sending off, in the ground it felt like a soft decision from my vantage point, but no it was correct. However, in my opinion the Ref created an atmosphere within the ground and amongst our team that let to the game boiling over and the red card challenge happening. Allowing there players to dive around all night and even when there was no foul given he didn’t go over and have a word re. the dive. Rubbish weak refereeing in my book.. UTB…

  6. More possession, shots and shots on target don’t know why they’re complaining, and the bulk of theirs was after the red. Red was a red all day long, but it was brought on by a poor “Ref” frustrating and not giving us anything. Their players were laughing at the decisions he gave them. Berge was unplayable, when he wanted to be.

  7. The only decision the ref got right was sending Goode off. I didn’t think so at the time but watched it back on TV. I don’t know what match the Blackburn fans were watching but not the one I was watching. Their goalie saw much more action than Foderingham and also had luck on his side. On the other hand Blackburn might have improved in the second half but rarely troubled Wes Foderingham. Dirty Blades? This is not netball, a non contact sport!

  8. Don’t worry about beating us in the play lot won’t make the top six you brought your own ref tonight but other officials will work out what a set of diving cheating players you have got must have made Tom Daley envious

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