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“It’s the meeting of two teams. The teams are known to everyone, some don’t care, most will possibly. It’s a bit like the Spanish inquisition without the Spanish who don’t inquire. Bastille ? Is that ok ? Who cares ? Ollie Mc street fighter might be there, Brewster millions where ever he is might appear. There will be a ball and men, it’s the men that make the difference as long as they have a ball. “

“Russell Martin has confirmed that Kyle Naughton and Nathanael Ogbeta will be unavailable for Saturday”

“Take a point.”

“After watching the highlights of Sheffield United last night , don’t be surprised to see Ollie Mcburnie or Connor Hourihane or MGW score .
Mcburnie with a few headers last night missed out scoring his first goal of the season”

“I’d take a point, but we’ll probably lose convincingly with Gibbs White, McBurnie and Brewster having a field day, it’s what we do”

“just pray the donkey Hourihane is playing. Is he getting any games for them?”

“Sheffield United is the start of possibly the toughest run of matches the swans have faced all season.”

“Keep an eye on Sheff Utd as they have started to make a move from lower down the league.”

“Sheffield United will finish in the play offs”

“Need to switch gears from the outrage of last night’s revelations – important we don’t let our discontent with the trust and the board bleed over onto the pitch affecting the players.
Equally important is that we take some momentum from Sunday’s win and push forward with another attacking line up for this game – hopefully RM has learned his lesson from the incredibly passive team sheet he put out for the Stoke debacle.”

“The key for us it to pass it quicker. we showed that second half against Bristol. But we also need to come up with a strategy of how to beat the hard press on the keeper. Because we cannot be doing what we did (badly) last week on that score. Because against Bournemouth or Sheff United. They will rip us a new one”.

“due to the win over Bristol what we have is a game to look forward to rather than dread when next we kickoff against Sheffield United.”

“Just watch out for the Neanderthals in the home fans pub right by the away end after we have won”

“The Championship is average at best. Fulham. Take away Mitrović and would struggle to make the playoffs
Bournemouth. Solanke has scored nearly half thier goals.
WBA. Hoofball merchants and bullies.
The rest, meh.
Personally I wouldn’t watch a Championship game on TV if you paid me..”

“I agree and have said over the past few years since we were relegated that teams like Sheff Utd ( first Potter game when we won 2-1 ) Leeds ( the season they didn’t go up – night match ) West Brom, Fulham, Norwich, etc. that most teams have been ordinary, including the ones promoted.
They have just been more consistent IMHO.
Strange to think back to our last couple of seasons in the PL, how many posters on the previous forum would say they would rather us be relegated ( or at least not be too upset if we were relegated) so they could enjoy the football again.
Now here we are and as you say, the football at this level isn’t as good as we remembered it.”

By Roy

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