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“We deserved the point. Battling performance against a decent team.”

“Enjoyable game to watch.
Happy with a point.
Looking more solid at the back.
We were muscled out of it too much though. “

“Gotta be said, belting game of footy that was. How does a game like that end 0-0.”

“Excellent hard earned point against a good side who normally grind teams down. Backs to the wall at times but as the game wore on we looked organised and determined to shut them out.”

“I’ll take a point, gutsy performance, well done boys.”

“Some determined defending and occasional quick attacks to frustrate Sheffield Utd. – well done City.”

“Scrapped well,defended well against a virtual onslaught at times,no shame in coming away from that with a point!”

“bloody good effort that under extreme pressure, thought we were gonna nick it right at the death then when Tom went on the rampage, but happy with a deserved point.”

“Magnificent performance from City. There are some proper footballers in that Sheff Utd midfield.”

“the difference in quality is stark. We look exactly like a team that’s been in League One last year, they look like a team with players signed while in the Premier League.
We’ve got to play like this against better teams otherwise we get stomped.”

“Realistically they should of won that with the amount of chances they had. Towards the last 10 minutes it could of been anyone’s game. But we’ll take a point at a tough ground and move on to QPR. Great atmosphere by our fans”

“Decent point tonight which we’d have taken before the game. Going forward is where we look out of our depth, we are relying on a lucky bounce and then catching them on the break. There’s no real creativity or guile, at times in the first half we couldn’t get out.”

“Tonight wasn’t the night to be judging what we have up top,we were always going to be under the cosh going there,Forrs has been here a fortnight and he’s been crucified already..Piss Poor!! There’ll be bigger and better teams going there in the next couple of weeks and coming away with sweet **** all.”

“Great result.
Are they a set of moaning diving ****s or what? “

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Hull”
  1. Last comment is rich. Ref was very poor for both sides. Good game but a bit disappointed with the time wasting from 15 mins in.

  2. Worst team i have ever seen wasted time from kick off the gk putting the ball down 4 times before restarting play also deciding to have a drink it took the ref 44 minutes to tell him to get on with it when an early yellow would have stopped this as it was still going on in the 90th minute and WHEN will a ref have the guts to give penalty whenever they wrestle players at corners free kicks etc they came with a plan for a point and got it but I’m glad i dont have to watch them week after week

  3. I thought that for the number they brought they were really quiet. I do dislike Hull nothing but Chav tramps.

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