“think it’s fair to say that we should be worried. At least we have a break beforehand.. right? But do you think we can sneak a win or do you think we will be just an april fool? “

“Sheff Utd will rip us to bits if they replicate their play of the last twenty minutes against Blackburn”

“To be fair, at times both teams looked to have more about them than us for the most part.”

“Sheffield United have good weapons, and N’Diaye in particular is a real handful. “

“The unruly club have our number for sure and will be seriously fired up as they close in on promotion. There’s still some anti norwich feeling in their camp and April Fools Day might just show how far we have fallen even though our league position continues to mask said decline. Unfortunately I expect the sullen FCR atmosphere to continue and 2000 raucous Yorkshire men to take the proverbial all afternoon. Just hope that for once we actually turn up and get stuck in. If there’s one game we don’t want to be faffing about at the back it will be against them! “

“With their lead over 3rd down to just 3 points they will be absolutely up for this. We melted at their place and must not do the same in front of our own fans.
We need the win just as much and it will come down to who wants it the most. I fear it won’t be us”

“Who knows what will turn up? We couldn’t beat two of the bottom three recently. And yet some think Millwall was a great achievement. Really, we should be beating the three teams mentioned and Luton but there is no great confidence around that we can and will. “

“One thing is for certain, and that is if we want to do anything either with what’s left of this season, or next, we must improve our home form. It’s been poor, most of our better performances seem to have been away. “

“I’ve kind of accepted we aren’t getting top 6 this season but if we beatSheffield United and Blackburn then I may change my tune.”

“The fact that we have some tough fixtures (Sheff, Blackburn, Boro) in store might not be a bad thing as I see it. Make or break so to speak. These inconsistent results against some of the lesser teams seem to prove nothing.
The real test of this squad’s genuine quality, and that which made them favourites at the beginning of the season, will come from these three of the next four fixtures.”

“We really need to finish 5th or better assuming Sheff Utd or Middlesbrough will finish 3rd. I can’t see us beating either of those over 2 legs.”

“Get Sheff Utd back in the pack and then anything is still on for the rest of the top six. All it needs is them to lose a couple of games and all of a sudden they will look catchable, start feeling the pressure and allow one of us to overtake them. Any wobbles that Sheff Utd have – and Middsbro – will help our cause. “

“Middlesbrough will just pip Sheff Utd for 2nd place”

“Absolutely no reason we can’t beat Sheff Utd, and may even find ourselves in playoff position again that night. So for me, There’s far more to look forward to than there is to be negative about.”

“can’t stand Sheff Utd, but fair play to our former back-up LB for what he’s done there. I hope they go up so we don’t have to see them again next year. “

“They have big financial problems”

“In this case it is the installments on huge transfer fees that is causing them the issues, rather than their wage bill. They are still paying for the players they signed in the Prem.
Brewster for £23m was particularly shocking business and his scoring record for them is worse than Adam Idahs for us.
Oli McBurnie was £17.5m also, and he can walk for free in the summer!”

“Brewster and McBurnie were both signed for £20m+. They flopped badly in the both the Premier League and the Championship, although admittedly McBurnie is now, three years later, finally having a half-decent season. “

“Would have McBurnie here mind you, always been a handful, and Pukki named him as the most under rated Championship player recently.

“I’d take him here too based on his footballing ability. His goalscoring record at Sheffield United isn’t great but as you say, he’s a handful, and he’s still only 26, surprisingly.
I’d be reluctant to take him though because of his track record off the pitch. I’m not sure if the club still has a ‘no dlckhead’ policy, or if it ever did, but he’d struggle to pass. “

“So turning off the heating and not paying for fertilizer is going to pay the players wages? Don’t think so!!!…..but we all know nothing will happen.,and they’ll be allowed to carry on as normal,which makes it all the annoying for clubs like Norwich,who try and handle their finances and obey the rules as well as they do.May as well not bother. “

“If they get promoted no issue, but if they don’t I’d expect administration in the summer.”

“Much as some can complain about Delia does rather feel we are one of only a small number of championship clubs not struggling or in financial trouble..”

“Then why have we supposedly taken out a 60 million loan and can’t afford any new players if we don’t go up?”

By Roy

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