“Was a cracking game to watch live, good atmosphere, lots of chances and plenty of moments of (false) hope. “

“For a neutral it must have been a brilliant game to watch, and a credit to the championship.”

.”What a brilliant game and a brilliant advert for championship football. That will be the best quarter final.”

“To be ahead with less than 10 minutes left, the lose, leaves m close to tears. To reflect on the performance and the recent league form, makes me proud of the team again”.

“Just devastated, great game, they seemed to get sway with a lot but that loss lays firmly at JDT’s door. Needed to leave alone a little bit longer. “

“I am gutted and heartbroken after that game. We played very well today and overall we were the better team. Beaten by great strike by Doyle. “

“I thought their city loanees Mcatee and Doyle were the difference”

“Absolutely devastated”

“You are 2-1 up in a game you are controlling and 10 mins from Wembley. How does it come to this and this feeling all the time? Sick to my stomach. “

“We were all over them and creating chance after chance”

“That guy McBurnie really is a psychopath isnt he? “

“Contrast Gallagher for McBurnie who was fighting for everything.”

“Strongly dislike McBurnie and think he’s constantly on the brink of getting a red but you’d love to have players with his passion, at a minimum. So strange to me that you spend your whole life to “make it” as a professional in something that simply could not be more difficult to do that in, with a narrow career window, and not basically destroy yourself to get a win every time you play. In the words of another Sheffield United figure, “you’ve got to fucking die to get three points.” “

“Two evenly matched teams and we were so so unlucky to come out of it on the wrong side but it is a horrible place to lose, as it was in ’93 – shithouse club and fans.”

“Proud but not down Rovers did the club the badge and the fans proud. We could have won it but you cannot take away that it rookie wonder goal in the last minute to take the tie !
SUFC arena DOG shit set up dirty and lucky but they rode it and got through – good luck to them because at a vital point in the season they are facing a right walloping v City and I hope beyond hope that Boro pip them to second spot BeCause Rovers will have their revenge in a play off final”

“How long has Andy Grey been dating the Sheffield United team. He certainly was all over them like a love struck teenager! My god, he was embarrassing. Twat! Lol “

“Hopefully they are absolutely humiliated, and along with a points deduction, fail to get into the play offs.”

“And get bought by a Nigerian scammer who even the EFL are checking “

“Only thing that will make this better and have me get over it is if sheff United fall into the play offs and we beat them in the final to make the prem “

“Imagine beating this team of cavemen at Wembley to get us back to the Prem (with a last minute screamer)… “

“Middlesbrough to pip Sheffield for the automatic promotion and we play Utd in the playoffs. We get justice by dumping them out. Sadly I’ll miss it as I’ve had a holiday booked for the last two years. “

“I feel emotional drained and a little pissed off that every time we play those Thick Yorkshire Bastards they get away with murder.”

“Credit to Sheff Utd they have extra strength and quality and it showed in them coming from behind twice and the second game they’ve turned around in a week. Should have been down to 10 though and it’s a different game then at one nil up however there is a reason they are where they are. “

“Would have been nice to have a prem quality ref in the quarter finals of the FA cup… Was shocked when the Anel challange on Brereton wasn’t given (more frustrating we nearly signed him and they hijacked it, yet haven’t even paid the fee yet?).
Shame but thought both teams looked pretty good today – was a good game. Was super excited for a trip to Wembley.
Now let’s smash the league and hijack 2nd place after their points deduction! (which they’ll probably get next season after getting promoted, sods law of football”

“Without any doubt Robinson should have received a second yellow from referee Tim Robinson. He probably had the penalty decision still in mind and bottled it. “

“Got nothing against the opposition, Ndiaye in particular was class, one of those games that either team would be unlucky to lose “

“Heartbreaking last 10 mins, didn’t deserve to lose that. Piss poor officials”

“They should have been 3-1 down, down to 10 but they had the luck of the cup with Hedges hitting the bar. “

“Just got back and seen Robinson incident back. Wow how has he not seen red for that tackle on Hedges. Shocking “

” Thought we deserved to win. The Fodderingham double save, Hedges hitting the post, Gallagher having a total lack of awareness to get onto the end of a ball across the 6 yard box.
On the ref, he totally bottled sending Robinson off. That changes the game completely. Twice now in the past month we’ve seen Shef United inexplicably not having a man sent off against us. It was also a stone wall penalty. Thier player did a Schmeichel starfish.
On our performance we were good, though worryingly open at the back at times. If McAtee knew how to finish he’d be some player.
I think we can beat Sheffield United in the playoffs. And it would be sweet revenge. Though I’d rather they slip into admin and get docked points. That would be lovely for such a shithouse team who haven’t even paid for half their players. “

“Sheffield United, back in the day they would’ve been called physical. I call them dirty. There was a few I was getting irate about. “

“The referee sunk us – every 50/50 and even 60/40 went there way. What was even worse was the lack of a second yellow – and then Carter gets yellow for similar foul”

“Should be remembered that Sheff Utd should have played most of this match with 10 though. The ref was their 12th man today. Not that they’ll care, as we wouldn’t. “

“I can’t agree that the game should have been stopped for a head injury. Clutching there JDT. Not sure if he got poked in the eye but it wasn’t a head injury so it clearly wasn’t concussion or blood gushing out.
Just silly.”

“you cant blame the referee for that defeat,no way. “

” Gutted, but extremely proud.
I can’t add much more right now, but we should all be bursting with pride.
This head injury stuff doesn’t wash, play to the whistle.”

” I was absolutely gutted when their winner went in, but I’m no longer disappointed but really angry. Morton is a disgrace. I thought he was feigning injury at the time, replay confirms it. Unforgivable from him and I hope his teammates let him know. Ship him back to Liverpool.
Thought the ref was garbage… about the only thing he got right was ignoring Morton’s cheating. I’d love to beat that lot in the playoffs and I’d really fancy our chances over 2 legs. “

“Ha, City away.”

“City will slaughter these thick half wit, bellend backwards country bumpkins “

“Sheff United will get pumped at Wembley. Just like we would have. Of course it’s a shame, but I’d rather we prioritised the league.”

“The only positive I can take from today is we don’t have to go to Wembley and face City. “

“I’m shocked that the two Manchester teams have been kept apart… “

By Roy

14 thoughts on “View From Blackburn”
  1. All the pre match talk from the village team from the little area of Blackburn is that we were thugs & dirty Yorkshire Bastards. Well as class shown in the end having a dubious penalty given against the run of play & a mistake by our defence, you offered nothing apart from a few hopefull bals & couple of bread a butter saves from our GK, you were beaten by a world class strike and a better side. We may have got Man City in the Semi, but don’t you wish you were going to Wembley. Bye, better luck in the next 10 years. 😛😁

  2. Some sore losers here we had more Poseidon more shots ,more clear chances . Best side won but great game to watch .

  3. We know we will get hammered at Wembley, but at least we’re going!!! Very good game today and surprised at how many fickle ,sour supporters you have!!!! SUFC v MCFC means only one thing……..fix for an all man Union final!!!!!

    1. so sorry to hear Roy,s views think he was watching a different game yes you had a good ten minutes in first half and a decent second half but Sheffield United,s class and never say die attitude shone through in end, bitter comments from a sad fan, yes we may get beaten at Wembley but at least we are there, come you red and white wizards.

  4. Unfortunately we all watch a game with blinkers on towards our own team… We aa succeed supporters saw all the tackles and diving shit that you saw…it was a fantastic FA cup game tgat your tin pot team lost… move on…. utb

  5. Blackburn typical losers, lucky to get a penalty to go one up. Blades had 61% possession to 39% so wakey wakey hands off your snakey.
    There is more chance of Blackburn missing finals as what there is Blades missing autos.

  6. Nice to see that they brought their home capacity crowd with them.First time away for the majority.Nice to see yer.Sour Grapes.Sorry some of the tackles were a bit hard for your players.(pussys).Yes we will get hammered by City.Thats Life at the top.⚔️⚔️⚔️.

  7. Some very bitter fans, about cheating, who was it that tried to con the ref into thinking he’d got a head injury? Can’t deny we’re more than likely to get a walloping at Wembley but at least we’re saving you from getting humiliated. Don’t believe all you read in the papers there’ll be no points deduction. Generally a good game, poor officials for both sides great atmosphere great advert for championship football must be gracious on defeat doesn’t help getting all worked up

  8. Laughing at “country bumpkins”!!! The residents of that might metropolis Blackburn, the cauldron of industry, music and fashion in the north east, looking down on us! Very, very bitter. I suppose I would be if roles were reversed.

  9. Unbelievable. “dogshit arena” 😂😂😂 it absolutely blinds the soulless,atmosphere less,dump that is Ewood. Anyway,dry your eyes,fresh tampons,Tena ladies and back under your rocks,fairweather small town nobodies who can’t even turn out for League games. Pathetic support #tinyclub

  10. Enjoyed reading these almost as much as I enjoyed seeing Egan’s last minute equaliser at QPR..

  11. Hi this is from a honest Sheff utd fan, the match was a great spectacle for the championship, so sorry to hear the abuse from the Rovers fans, not sure there all like that but hey ho, we have shown great guile and determination to reach the semifinals but I think that’s the end of the road, but it will e a fantastic day out and we have been here before so it’s no big deal, as for the fucking dickheads rovers fans that have disrespected our team well stop eating them sour grapes you just make yourselves look like twats, but then again if it fits, as for the league I just hope the rest of the teams just go on underestimating us, semi final and promotion up the mighty BLADES

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