“This is a complete toss-up. Possibly our first game this season where two good sides really turn up. The travelling support should neutralise home advantage.”

“No fear. Sheffield utd are nothing special.  We should go at them from the first whistle”

“They were well beaten at ours a couple of weeks ago. Their manager is a jumped up wannabe hard man PASHUN merchant. “Play like a non-league side and give the ball to Ndiaye/Berge” seems to be the extent of his tactical prowess. Certainly not expecting him to totally outfox JDT or have us worked out. We just have nothing to fear. Play to the best of our ability, with a loud away end behind us, and all the pressure on them… We really have a great chance. “

“Tough ask against a dirty side, obviously the fraud who’s in charge of them is carrying on wilders ways but he’s a man under pressure to go up, if he doesn’t he’s gone in the summer and sheff uniteds financial advantage decreases even more. I e every confidence we can seal our first trip to Wembley, get the first goal and rattle them they will lose their heads and commit stupid fouls and hopefully then we have a better ref than at ewood who will start dishing out the necessary cards “

“Dirty team, I expect Rovers to come away with a lot of bruises. Will be another tough match.
And I can’t stand that Thunderbird puppet of a manager. “

“There is no other club in the PL down to L2 who for so long, which was day 1 of the Wilder reign, have so many basic thugs in any match day starting team. They are also at the forefront of surrounding and pressuring Refs, and consistently allowed to get away with 99.99 per cent of their ingrained shithousery. Destestable. I so want us to win this. “

“I am sure our backroom staff have been watching those two epic Wrexham games against Sheffield United. Here’s hoping we have the same spirit as those Wrexham boys on Sunday. Sheffield United were completely rattled by the non-league outfit.”

“With our counter attacking game a fast start should suit us but we need to be at the races from the very first whistle. We have been recently to be fair and we know there’ll be no need to draw them out. I don’t want to see another rabbit in the headlights Burnley job but then no disrespect the Blades aren’t as good as that lot. A bit stronger than us yes but it’s a cup tie so anything goes. “

“Feels to me like we will do well to get a result out of this one. Sheffield Utd are a good side, will have looked back at how we beat them, and set themselves well up. They’ve got the pace and athleticism to hurt us on the break out wide. Would love a win, we’ve got a good chance, but just feel that Sheffield Utd will adapt and make it very difficult for us. “

“Would be fantastic to make the semi- finals. However, sadly, feel this is going to be a bridge too far especially at their place. No denying they are a decent side and I think their experience, physicality and aggression will be too much. Would be betting against Rovers under normal circumstances, however, this is one match and occasion when I can’t. “

“Sheff United will be well up for this and are good at home, can see another 3-1 hammering, I think sheff United are a game to far in this cup for us”

“Last time I went to Bramall Lane was the match where Friedel saved 2 penalties, and we missed one too which I think Paddy Kenny saved, 15 odd years ago, time flies! I’d take a penalty shoot out now if we had big Brad between the sticks! “

“Just hope that, given our opponents’ reputation, we’ve got a good, strict-but-fair Referee on Sunday, given our opponents’ reputation. Also a silent prayer of thanks that it’s Sheffield Utd’s away stand our fans’ll be in. From recent reports, not a lot’s been done to Hillsborough in the last 34 years”

“Sat here with a Wednesday fan, to be honest he’s more nervous than I am about Sundays game. The look of angst on his face when he talked about the possibility of United getting to Wembley, I wanted to assure him that won’t happen, but I’m not tempting fate! “

“Not sure how many times we’ve played Sheffield United in the FA Cup but we haven’t beaten them in 126 years!!!”

“We are long overdue a win there.”

By Roy

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