“An example of what we need to be of we want to go up.”

“They’ve been head and shoulders above us in both games bar twenty minutes at the start down at Bramall Lane.”

“A masterclass In how to see a game out from them tonight. Aye they should of had their 2nd ruled out and they took the piss time wasting (as we did Sunday) but the subs, set up and tactics completely shut us out. Felt like we were pissing in the wind after their changes. Beaten by a better team/squad “

“Men against boys. Literally.”

“One side looked like a professional outfit,we looked like a load of inexperienced weak kids lumped together”

“Sheffield United are 2nd for a reason they’re a very good side. Lads should be proud, they went toe to toe with them.”

“I thought they were probably the second best team we’ve played this season”

“Not taking anything away from the Blades, who, behind Burnley, were the second best team we’ve seen at the SoL this year. But we did ourselves not favours”

“the only big ish mistake they made was that fella dropping deep and allowing michut to be onside, other than that they were pretty flawless you have to say.”

“Sheff Utd were a far better side than I thought they were & way better than a pedestrian Boro side who came up here a few months ago”

“They looked a really good solid side. Big strong powerful and had quaility going forward. Can see why there will get promoted”

“They always seem to be a big strong experienced side sheff u.”

“Second goal shouldn’t count but overall for the majority of the game I think it’s fair to say Sheffield United have been the better side and have deserved to win the game. Why they are second in the table”

“I wasn’t that impressed at Bramall Lane, but the ease at which they cut us open and the football they played first half was really good.
Batth and Ballard could not handle Jebbison’s physicality either.”

“I think Jebbison was very good as hell, I’d sell an arm to have him slot into our side.”

“Good side, I thought after all the grief he’s been getting from Sheff u fans, sander berg was immense.”

“Sheff Utd just too big, strong and streetwise, A very good side”

“Probably didn’t deserve to get anything out of the game, but to lose it to a goal that shouldn’t have stood is a bit of a kick in the nuts tbh”

“Sheff utd were the better team, but it makes it harder when the officials are massaging the game”

“Bags of character and technique but ultimately for all the pace and power that Sheffield Utd possessed, we were undone by two soft goals and yet another poor ref.”

“first half Sheff Utd bossed it, 2nd half, no changes until after they scored another piss poor goal and then like clockwork TM changes it, too little too late, how many more times we going to blame the whole world but ourselves…?”

“They smashed us for at least 60 minutes tonight it’s not just a linesman’s call that caused the loss. “

“aye they smashed us and had a massive 4 shots on target in nearly 100 min”

“I thought that overall they were better equipped than us, especially in 1st half”

“first 25 or so yes ….but exertion cost them and they became inreasingly ineffective..gifted a winner and were hanging on imo”

“.i thought they created very little nor did they look like doing so, i reckon lino gaff aside they could have played another hour and theyd still have created nowt”

“Competed well against a side that has a depth of squad , if we kept players fit would have challenged them this season for top spots” .

“They were organised, that’s it, knew when to fall over but they were nowt special, a full Sunlun team would have beaten them. I I fancy them to bottle it and Boro will be 2nd, I don’t fancy them in the play offs neither, the win flattered them”

“Another set of diabolical officials cost us again. Not impressed by sheff Utd at all.”

“I don’t even think we played that bad. Just Sheffield Utd showed why they’re 2nd, but Middlesbrough will definitely catch up to them.”

“Goes to show, Burnley apart, there’s nothing to fear in this league.
Sheffield United looked average.”

“Straight back down, by a mile.”

“About 12 points next season and heckingbottom sacked by October.”

“If they go up, I think they’ll get about 15 points over the season, unless they get bought up by the Saudis.”

“The fact Sheff United are second tells you how shite this league is. Worst it’s been for years. “

“I thought Sheffield were absolutely horrendous. Amazed they’re 2nd.”

“Thought we took a while to warm up but we made Sheff U look good. I can’t believe they are the 2nd best in championship. Draw would have been a fair result with half a team of key players out and most of what we fielded was kids.
Officials gifted them a win, atrocious”

“A team of over the hill has beens and their good players were loanees.
A top side would have put is to the sword first 25/30 minutes.”

“Didn’t think we deserved to lose, 1st 20 mins they were well on top and we rode our luck, after that it was fairly even, we could of easily had a pen for handball, we then typically give away a shite goal on HT, 2nd half we concede from a goal that should have been given offside.”

“Disgraceful. Niggling fouls all night, climbing all over our players, extreme shirt pulling. 2 at least should have had two yellows, then two players a full body offside for their second. Like someone said, when does incompetence become curruption?”

“We lost because they bullied us”

“It’s not just us they bully, but they also manage to intimidate the officials”

“That’s a very astute point 6 or 7 players around the ref after Humes foul on Jebbison & Swansea did the same with the O’Nien sending off
Then the Norwood challenge on O’Nien which was horrendous we just let it go. Dreadful & deliberate act to injure an opponent”

“That Bosnian lad gets away with murder for them like.”

“some toys are being thrown out on here about them but they deserved the win, even Baath and Ballard were struggling with their physicality.”

“that was all down to an incompetement cretin with a flag.”

“Embarrassing decision by the linesman has cost us a point”

“The goal was a stonewall offside. A blind man on a galloping horse could see that.”

“how fortunate Sheffield United were…. impossible for Sunderland against these awful officials.”

“It’s almost blatant cheating at this point.”

“Officials with an agenda against us would have taken the opportunity to reduce us to 10 men in the first half. Agree it’s frustrating though, second goal should have been offside, even if we were beaten by a better team. The decisions even themselves out over a season though. Can’t fault attitude of the players, gave it everything.”

“Sheff United easily the best away support we’ve had at the SOL this season, none stop chanting & no dickheads throwing shite down (If u complain about the smoke bomb then you’re petty, it’s an away day)”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Sunderland”
  1. How refreshing to hear most Sunderland fans not complaining about everything and anything as to why they were hard done by. United’s second goal was offside – we got away with one. I could not have argued with a draw. The first 2 goals were superbly taken. Yet again I was disappointed at the excessive number of cards dished out by the referee. It was a game contested by 2 sides who put in 100% effort – not bad tempered or dirty by any means. Sunderland have a good solid side and they might just sneak into the playoffs (as might United!). If not, I think they will be up there again next season. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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