“They really seem a bit down in the dumps about things atm, most of them want to play with a back 4 but they completely expect it to be a 5. Obviously a better team than they are letting on mind.”

“Their fans seem to be a bit down atm, you can hardly blame them as they looked home and dry for much of the season and have bottled it on the home straight.”

“They’ll be bricking it the way Boro are playing”

“Unless they start winning most of their games again it’s looking a certainty that Boro will overtake them.”

“Boro will finish above Sheff Utd come the end of the season, been saying it for a while. Very surprised how average they looked against us given how well they’ve played pretty much every other game since Carrick came in.”

“I don’t think they’re finishing top 2 regardless of the match tomorrow night, I think Boro are finishing ahead of them.
3rd or 4th imo. Then it depends whether they can hold their own in the play offs.”

“How are they so negative and yet they’re sitting second in the table?
Have they sold and/or lost players to injury or something?”

“Because they were sooo far ahead..now only 4 points ahead. They are bound to be a bit negative. Get at them tomorrow cos they are vunerable atm!”

“Sheffield United supporters should be 100% confident of getting a result despite recent results. Because I know there is the distinct possibility the bad results and performances will come to an end.hey should be a team fresh from four years of League One football losing a game on the back of a win. Then they will know what it is like to be negative. “

“I think I would still swap our season for theirs in a heartbeat. Put yourself in our position over the last few years. Would you like that to happen to you?”

“They spent 6 seasons in league one not that long ago tbf, with 3 playoff failures.”

“Watched them the other week at their ground. Their two strikers are decent enough, one wins a lot of ball and works the line and the other good at running with the ball. Also strong at the back – Egan frustratingly is decent. Midfield is their weakness id say. Berge is huge and has ability but the players around him not so good.”

“They are a good team. Ahmedhodzic, Berge and at times a few of their others – Fleck, Egan, Norwood are too good for this level.
We can beat them though, even with the injuries. They’ll allow space in wide areas which is where we prosper. Roberts particularly will have a lot of freedom.
I imagine they’ll be pressured to come out at us from their fans and the way they’ve played this season.
If we score first they’ll fold, if they do then Michut trying to track Berge will be ridiculous…”

“I remember that Anel Ahmedhodžić torturing us last time..was everywhere across the pitch”

“Think Berge may have thought he was off in January, he’s been pretty poor since the turn of the year and if he’s not playing well, they seem to suffer.”

“Sheff Utd are still a very good team, maybe not playing well at the moment, and guess what – when you are not playing well who is the one team you want to face to get back to winning / scoring ways, good ‘ol Sunderland… doing a Sunderland.”

“If they don’t beat us the smogs will likely be above them come Saturday
Then they have Norwich & Burnley away with Wigan in between
A bit of a must win for them”

“We tend to do better against sides that want to play as it opens the pitch olio more but our home form is abysmal.”

“6 wins out of 17 isn’t it?
Very poor”

“In the form guide (away last 4) the Blades are 12th in the table ….. the trouble is in the home form guide (last 4) we’re 13th !”

” I think they need to come here and win, so that might go in our favour. I fancy us.”

“I feel we tend to do better against teams who try to attack and play. Sheffield United need to start winning otherwise they’ll lose second spot (which they will lose to Middlesbrough IMO) so that might work in our favour”

“We break with amazing pace, which is more prevalent away from home, when the emphasis is on the home team, rather than against teams who sit back against us at the SoL.”

“They have quite a tall team IIRC, likes of Berge, Anel Ahmhnczsgbvdsyic, McBurnie are all units. I think we probably want them to have most of the ball but us to break quickly with Clarke, Roberts and probably Ba.”

“We can beat anyone playing like we did on Sunday”

“Being one game away from Wembley is going to have an effect on them and the pressure will be massively on them if Boro beat Stoke tomorrow.”

“We played better than them at their place this season and they’re on a poor run. Hopefully we are on the way out of ours after the weekends result and get the win”

“we were the better team at their place til Neil was sent off…we battered them last 20 mins anarl with 10 men”

“Fancy us to beat them. I think the Stoke game might be a watershed moment for us and these bairns are ready to go again and push for the play offs.”

By Roy

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