“Not sure why Blades fans are still rattled about something that happened 6 years ago, we’ve have been wasting everybody’s time for 2 years now”

“They were better than us. “

“That’s not an argument for being good”

“I was alarmed and disappointed at how poor Sheff Utd were for a 2nd place team. I knew we would be sh1t but they were little better. They hardly got out of 2nd gear.
We are woeful, utterly woeful. “

“It is depressing to think that this Sheffield team is way behind what they were in 18/19 and they still deserved to beat us.
On the subject of Sheffield, they are a nasty, ugly team. They badly need to find one of Parma Ham’s weapons or they are going to be slaughtered in the PL.”

“I’d say this Sheff Utd team would be the poorest runners up to be promoted since the Cardiff team who finished 2nd to Espirito Santos Wolves side.
The (second) best of an incredibly bad Championship this season”

“Shows the quality of this league, Sheffield United are second!!

“after seeing them today it actually beggars belief that they’re 2nd. “

“Poor performance yet again from a very avergage championship side”

“Two very poor teams in today’s game IMO. As others have said if SU are the second best team in the Division, it’s a real indicator as to the actual quality of the Championship.”

“Putting fan allegiances to one side…the fact that Sheff U are 2nd in the division just shows how poor the league is this year. We aren’t very good, granted….but they really aren’t great”

“Didnt think Sheff Utd looked much and hardly peppered our goal. Game deserved no more than a 0-0”

“MOM, the linesman on the Main stand side. Without him they could have played until next Pancake day without seeing a goal.”

“Dreadful game though. I think the physicality got in the way of any real football.”

“Sheff Utd had far more nous, used the spare man in midfield. Bullied us. “

“Sheff Utd showing what it looks like when players have desire to win. Norwich don’t even have desire to win a tackle. Very poor.”

“Sheff Utd undoubtedly the better team. We created barely anything.”

“Berge is way to good for Sheffield united.”

“Defo agree , outclassed us not hard to but he was very good”

“Tall, powerful, smart, tough. Everything Webber said he would bring in nearly 2 years ago.”

“What an absolute shower, the whole effin lot of them – on a plate and end up 1-0 down”

“The team are awful, the game was awful, the weather was awful and don’t get me started on the coffee cup lids!”

“Everything at the Norwich game today just signalled decay. The ground is crumbling to bits, there’s no atmosphere, the football is rubbish and there’s no hope. Fundamental change (code for Delia selling and Webber leaving) is urgently needed”

“Aarons was fouled. Dimi didn’t even touch their player; he should’ve been booked for diving.
Why do some of our ‘supporters’ hate our club so much?”

“Have a day off and watch the Aaron’s dive again, I’d have loved it to be given but **** me if you’re seriously saying that’s a foul then the game truly has gone.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Norwich”
  1. Yes we won (sheffield united) reading the comments saying things like Norwich had no desire to tackle etc I thought Norwich showed some good spells of football could have possibly created more if the players stopped rolling around the field

  2. Sour grapes. Do these fools not realise we’re not second place on that one performance. Blades were under par an still came away winners.

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