Blades 1-2 Crewe

” Sheffield United underestimated us and Clough has no idea against us. NEXT! “

“Hang on we played 3 up front and we’re actually winning?
Who’s the fraud in charge and what has he done with Davis?”

“Never thought Id see us win at bramall lane in my lifetime. Fantastic effort by everyone involved.”

“Unbelievable Jeff!”

“Just got in from taking my son to a birthday party and can’t believe my eyes. WTF!!!!!!”

“Not a coincidence that when we set up attackingly like we did today that we pick up a decent result. We’ve got the players but SD needed to find the way of getting the best out of them and he has today thankfully. Credit where credits due.”

“Amazing what a bit of positivity does for you.”

“What a win that was. Started a bit shakily, got back into the game and went ahead with a good bit of play by Ikpeazu to lay in LDV to score.
Ajose then blew 2 great chances to score, first one he tried a lay across to LDV when it was never on and the 2nd he side footed it straight at the keeper. After that, we were under the cosh for most of the first half, but despite a couple of shaky moments, never looked badly troubled. Rachubka was not properly tested.
2nd half, we again were on the back foot for a decent portion of the half, but again didn’t look like conceding until we did. Poor long ball read by Turton, then he lets Murphy back him into the penalty area and play a pass. Nice touch and goal by Holt mind, but still sloppy defending.
After that, neither side looked much like scoring, few half chances here and there. Looked like the game was going to peter out to a 1-1 draw, but then we actually showed some attacking intent late in the game. Grant makes a strong run into their half and wins a free kick. Coco hits the free kick off a Sheff U player for a corner. He then receives the short corner, cuts inside and unleashes a thunderbolt of a shot. Bit of dip and swerve, but yeah, awful keeping by Howard.
After that we saw the game out pretty well. A draw would have been a fair result, but we snatched the win and I suppose the fans deserved this after weeks of utterly appalling football. Huge 3 points which takes us to within a couple of wins of safety.”

“as for Sheff U, they looked just like they did back when we played them 3 times back in October/November. Decent enough ball players and tidy build up, but they lack end product and bar the goal, our keeper didn’t have a serious save to make. You can see why they are where they are. Murphy was excellent as per, we always struggle against him. I was mystified when Baxter was taken off for Doyle. Ok, the former wasn’t having a good game, but taking off an attacking midfielder for a defensive one? Strange.
They’ll make the play offs, but not sure if they’ll go up out of them. But the play offs are a lottery, so you never know.”

“3 strikers? – at Brammall Lane?
Well done Gaffer!”

“When I saw the line-up thought total lunacy. So credit where credit’s due”

“Was going to complain that we only had 1 shot and a goal till they equalised on 50+ mins,adding only another 4 shots and a goal.
Is it a case of quality over quantity,luck or something else thats missing.
Sorry to sound negative after a fantastic win,but…….”

“Great effort today – just goes to show how quickly things can change following BC, Preston, Rochdale & Oldham results and performances.
Bold team selection which paid off”

“A massive win today and a lot of credit has to go to Steve for this win, no luck in this game even sky admitted we were worth the win, well deserved by everyone involved including those supporters who made the trip over. The best part is this win will keep the trolls quiet, where is Paul by the way. Biggest win of the season and probably most unexpected”

“Credit to everyone today, good team selection which I think took Sheffield by surprise.
We were excellent in the first half, and started the second half well, should have been two up but for Uche’s greed.
Sheffield were decent if not a touch one dimensional”

“Crewe scoring a LATE Goal ! Your Joking! You can not be serious! Well glad to be wrong for Once!”

“I too was surprised by a late winner for the Mighty Reds. who knew Uche could pass the ball!! “

“Should have known the Alex would win. Always do well when there is no Football League Show.”

“hope that he realises that attack is the best form of defence”

“Fanstastic result”

“Started with three strikers at Bramall Lane and won the game. Fortune favours the brave”

“Just what we needed and a good defensive performance “

“our first win at Bramall Lane”

“Nobody can wipe the smile on my face! Absolutely buzzing “

“Unbelievable result! Completely unexpected”

“We beat who we want, we beat who we want, Crewe Alex we beat who we want. Stick yer Yorkshire pudding up yer arse! “

“That was quite possibly the best moment this year “

“There are few certainties in life. One of them is that Crewe Alexadnra never win at Sheff Utd……..”

“Quality away day at Sheffield Utd! I hope we’ve messed up all your accumulators “

“All thos sayng ‘Davies out’ will be quiet this week”

“From the sounds of it Sheffield United did their low cross along the six yard box trick to nowhere yet again.”

“Blades’ fans are fuming. Little old Crewe beating them at home! GET IN!!”

“We’ll never fear a blades side managed by Nigel Clough. He’s clueless on ruthlessness”

“This is why I love supporting Crewe, we literally had no right to win away at Sheffield these are the wins we need to keep us up”

“Absolute horse shit last week, haven’t won away in years, go to a team in the top in 6 and win welcome to the world of Crewew Alexandra”

“And here come all the people bitching about Crewe ruining there acca”

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Pre-Match View From Crewe

“Staggered to see that abomination of a new home kit from Sheffield United. Not sure why Adidas keep wanting to get rid of stripes, first Southampton, then West Brom and now Sheffield United. It’s sheer lunacy!
Anyway to the game. I believe this will be such a dull, turgid affair between two ultra defensive managers that means we’ll play straight into Sheffield United’s hands.Greg Leigh vs John Brayford will be an interesting battle but I can see our defence crumbling at set pieces which will cost us.
2-0 to the Blades for me after another utterly spineless showing of slow, predictable defensive football complete with one shot on target for the full 90 minutes. However, I would love to see us go for it at Bramall Lane like we did when we were 2-0 down 2 years ago and then get one over Nigel Clough though, what a bitter little man he is. That 3-3 game was one of the best Crewe games I’ve ever seen.
Post match, our tactical genius of a manager will then go on to say this was a bonus game and we need to be realistic when playing a side like Sheffield United despite the abysmal form Sheffield United are in, only scraping past a poor Port Vale side thanks to a penalty. He’ll then give the inevitable ‘I’m confident of staying in the division’ to the press.
Least Harry Maguire isn’t playing in this game, 3 goals in 2 games for him at Bramall Lane against us”

“Giving this one a miss myself. Never won at Bramall Lane”

“why on earth Davis plays for tight 1-0 wins is utterly baffling. He needs to realise the best form of attack is defence”

“Sheffield United winning 4-0 was the worst thing that could possibly have happened. Davis will now have his ‘we’ve got to be realistic excuse’ ready to whip out. “

“Davis will will go 5 at the back and “try” to play for a 0-0, he won’t stop his son despite him being horribly out of form and he won’t play wingers, leaving us very narrow and the strikers very isolated.
Sheffield Utd 4-1 Crewe (Done 2, Murphy, Baxter, Ikpeazu) 18,466 (350 Crewe) “

“Spent the day at Bramall Lane and the pitch was not looking too clever and with their game v Scunthorpe its not going to get any better.
Think hoofball up to Uche could be a good option on Sat.”

“without doubt the worst Crewe side I’ve seen in my many years of watching us, we are a new level of shite far below the rest of the bottom half of this division along with Colchester and Yeovil. Ah well, least we agree Sheffield United will have an easy home win.”

“Sheffield United Have Great Quality “

“We have two players away on international duty. Maybe a change of formation?”

“Let’s face it, we can swap and change all we like. We can’t defend. We’ve only been able to defend in one season in nearly 20 years”

“Going for a shock Alex 1-0 win… stranger things have happened.”

“Would love to be wrong, but can only see this going one way and dependant on how early Sheff. Utd score, if could be a hatful. 3-0 loss”


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Blades 4-0 Scunthorpe 

“No passion, no goal threat, no creativity, no defence, no tactics, no ideas.
No hope?”

“Robins was more interested in Sheff Utd then he was with us. i have a few mates who are sheff Utd fans and they admitted to me they’re nothing special they even said our defence made them look good and that we were the worst team that they have seen play at the lane all season but even if so they’re still a league 1 side same as us they’re not exactly Barcelona so to have 2 shots all game and none on target is inexcusable really.”

“Sacked twice in a season – not good for the CV but its got to happen.”

“Well done tonight lads, you’ve excelled yourselves.
The hardy 745 away fans should all turn up at GP tomorrow and demand a refund.
Robins OUT.”

“He started with the same formation (4-5-1) that didn’t work against them ten days ago.”

“Disasterous night for Scunthorpe. Rhe performance was awful & so was Robins interview. An insult to fans intelligence.”

“cloughie didn’t need to give a post match talk he just replayed robins bigging sheff u up”

“He’s such a dickhead, but that’s the most defensive i’ve probably ever heard Mark Robins”

“The least I would expect after a pathetic 4-0 pasting is an apology. It sounds like Robins was creaming his pants about an average Sheffield United”

“Well ….. That is now likely to be the last time we see Miguel Llera in a Scunthope shirt. “

“Listening to MR it sounds like the players are still having their day off tomorrow! You couldn’t make it up.”

“Why hasnt anyone apologised for that gutless excuse of a performance? Robins comes out and instead of apologising to the 750 fans decides to cream his pants over a very average sheff utd live on air.
Its not acceptable and the fans shouldnt have to put up with it. The honourable thing would have been to say sorry and admit our terrible performance was to blame. We wrrent playing Real Madrid FFS”

“When listening to his post match interview i shook my head in disbelief, he contradicted himself, they supposedly put in a championship performance and were the benchmark for the division, yet we beat Swindon and could and should have gained a point against Bristol City, despite having a CB in Boyce playing in goals for nearly the full game.”

“They had centre halves who released the ball quickly to midfielders who were looking for it and we had centre halves who passed square balls to each other and then Caravan hoofed it to our big centre forward Paddy Madden!!! was this the real reason Mark Robins that we lost the game. I think Mark was watching another game today as we were shocking and they were above average only.”
“Macrus Williams and Eddie Nolan must be fuming today, dropped for that useless lump Clarke on the left?”
Player Of The Year but left in teh cold by brain dead Robins”

“Marcus is a million times better than Townsend and Nolan, given a fair chance is a million times better than Clarke.”

” Llerawas certainly thrown into the deep end. Obviously it ended badly for him but up to their 3rd goal I thought he was doing ok. His distribution looked at least well meant as opposed to Canavan’s aimless lumps.”

” Llera hasn’t even played a reserve game. Throwing him in not match fit was Robins’ way of saying “look how bad he is”. It’s a disgrace.”

” Llera definitely played like someone who’d not had any football in 2 months, looked awful.”

“I think it was unfair to throw him in, as bad as Sheffield were against us the other week. He hasn’t been playing and he hasn’t got much pace at the best of times so to be unfit as well is beggars belief.”

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Pre-Match View From Scunthorpe

“Stop calling it a blip, Mr Robins. No win in seven and three points from twenty one is relegation form. With absolutely no
sign of the defence getting their act together we are becoming prime candidates for the drop.”

“Another ‘unlucky’ defeat coming up”

“Since the start of January we have won 4 games out of 16”

“We lack two or three bullies across the park. Henderson ran our defence ragged and pulled them all over the park. It was embarrassing to watch at times.
The Premiership loanees are good at tippy tappy pretty football, but not putting the boot in and the dirty stuff. Are they really up for the fight? They may fit in well in a decent team but I’m afraid it simply isnt working. It’s time for bullies and rolling the sleeves up. Send some of the loanees back and lets have some fighters instead.
This side is devoid of aggression and we are lacking some real experienced characters. If we play like that at Sheff we’ll get dicked by four or five.”

“The trouble with Mark Robins is after having a great run he has been too obsessed with not conceding goals and not thinking that scoring more goals than your opponent wins you games rather than trying for a clean sheet and hoping to get a one nil win which is certainly not working.”

“We shouldn’t get dicked four or five at Sheffield because we had the beating of them last Saturday.”

“We have a more experienced striker than Wootton scoring goals for Partick Thistle.”

“Lyle Taylor has only scored once and is being used as an impact sub.”

“Robins must go. Witless, personality less, gormless, dour ball bag. Send him back to the milltown after tar and feathering. I hate him.”

“Unfortunately I have lost the will to live with it all ( yes, I’m one of those who has returned his Sheffield away ticket and said stuff it ).”

“Robins should be sacked in the summer wether he keeps us up or not.”

“We have had 17 games to get 4 or 5 wins,we have got 2 draws,it is going to be a nervy last few games with Sheffield United after promotion “

“this is a lot more than just a bad run, this is relegation form and if the management team don’t get their fingers out then we’ll be back in the bottom four with only a handful of games left.”

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