Pre-Match View From Gillingham

“Gills are back at home this Saturday as we take on Sheffield Utd.Utd are in the Play off zone and their last League result was a good 2-0 win against promotion rivals Swindon.They lost an FA Cup replay yesterday to Preston for a chance to play Man Utd at home.We`re unbeaten in 4 games in all competitions so confidence should be quite high.A point wouldn`t be bad against Sheffield Utd,and a win would be brilliant.
If we`re lucky we might have our new Manager before this game “

“Five weeks and still no sign of a permanent manager.
Still, the Gang of 4 seem to be keeping everything afloat.
Gills have been doing ok lately and playing nice attacking football at home. I’m punting for a Gillingham win
2-1 with Cody Mac to score one of them. “

“The one thing we can guarantee is that the Gills will not keep a clean sheet! 
GFC 1 Blades 2 “

“Mark Patterson says Gillingham’s four-man caretaker team have been unaffected by reports that Justin Edinburgh could be appointed as Gillingham Manager. “

“Looks like Justin Edinburgh is going to be the next Gills boss by the looks of it, really happy with that tbh! “

“Not sure what to expect from Sheff U, brilliant in the cups (until PNE the other night), not so consistent in the league. We’ve gone four without defeat at the moment, which is amazing considering our pre Christmas form. Hope for a win, settle for a draw. “

“A tough game against a decent side.I would take a point to keep our unbeaten run going.I guess the gang of four will still be in charge and for probably their last game. “

“Like most will take a point,
Hopefully we will put in a decent performance for Justin Edinburgh who will more than likely be in the stand watching his new team.”

“We can beat them.
3-1 gills. “

“Hopefully the manager situation won’t affect us to much, ( I reckon Edinburgh will be at the club by Saturday whether he will be in charge or not is another matter)
1-1 “

“If we can play in the manner that we have of late we can definitely get something out of this. “

“I cannot believe there is a manager of Gary Megson’s caliber on the market and he hasn’t been linked with job. “

“No, no, no, no, no
No charisma, no flair, no record of achievement – ask the fans of any club he’s ever managed. They’ll tell you he’s a disaster. “

“not sure if im missing a joke here but im not sure why megson is such a bad suggestion. 2 promotioms to the premier league. a number of seasons of survival in the premiership is surely a pretty good calibure of a manager for a club like us? “

“Megson is Useless. Can’t stand the twerp. “

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Blades 1-3 Preston 

“I’m lost for fucking words! GET THE FUCK IN!”

“Jay MCEveley is still the worst player ever.”

“That’s what happens when you attack teams! “

“Woods was outstanding. Stopped JCR taking us apart again.”

“Players right at it from minute 1 and would have been so easy to fold after being undeservedly behind at the break, have to admit I had dropped my head!
Fans were terrific and got their just rewards!”

“Just on the way back now on the coach, with a smile wider than Ched Evans victim list.

“The fans were fantastic!! There will be a lot of sore throats tonight/tomorrow, including my own.”
My in law sheff U fans said that it’s hard to get anything from an intimidating Bramhall Lane and that we’ll do well to come away with a win. Good for confidence and in case we happen to meet them in the playoffs.”

“The other team wanting to play proper football, that was the difference.
Sheffield UTD, couldnt sit back because they were at home they left themselves open and we picked them off with ease, like we have done against other teams that have tried playing football against us this season.
A little bit of luck too made the different”

“It was nothing to do with Sheffield playing football – we didn’t allow them to play. Woods at left back was a great decision, maybe influenced by how he handled Campbell Ryce in the league game. “

“They didn’t play football though, they were dreadful – but (at least in my view) they were dreadful because we stopped them playing. Tonight was how to play one up front and make it work.”

“I think they thought that they had to just turn up to win.”

“My father and brother in law are massive sheff U fans and you could see how physically sick they were when the goals went in, needless to say its a quiet house now apart from me”

“That second half was as good as anything I’ve seen from a Grayson side”

“Beating a major play off rival soundly 3-1 must give us a huge boost of confidence.”

“Blimey, never saw that coming well done.”

“This performance against quality opposition away from home is rather special – gutsy and determined”

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Rochdale and Barnsley Fans Views on Matty Done


“Done fee is rumoured to be £1 million.
Hand. Snatch. Quickly.”

“They love an ex red, do the Blunts.
Don’t do it, Matty. You’re better than them.”

“Doyle to Cardiff. Done to Sheff Utd. That would be an effective disabling of both ours and Chesterfield’s play-off push unless contingencies are in place.”

“Would hope that they would have to seriously splash the cash for us to allow him to go to what could be a competitor for the play-offs.”

“Hopefully this is Bollux,and hopefully he speaks to Febian about his time there
No denying the blades have the money but players seem to get lost there..
Both Febian Brandy and Andy Butler decent players were frozen out there very very quickly….”

“Will be gutted if this goes through. Hope the fee is a good one. Have we already signed his replacement in Brandy?”

“If this is true then the fee better be a good one, when you don’t need to sell to then let someone go to our near rivals in the table is utter fooking madness, seriously miffed at this….”

“If true this is either the result of a ridiculous fee, or a triggering of an automatic release clause. Anything otherwise would be a serious misjudgement by the board as this has the potential to be season-ending.”

“To sell this late in the window and to a rival for a play off place is a little worrying and leaves us no time to get a replacement. If the fee isn’t at least £500,000 then I will be seriously disappointed.”

“I’m absolutely irate about this one. We don’t need to sell, Done wasn’t their first choice signing, we’ve been given very little time to replace him, might not get any time yet, he’s not near the end of his contract and Sheffield United, as big as they are, are below us in the League. This has to be our record fee for us to sell at this stage or, in my opinion, we may well have bottled it in terms of going for promotion. We needed a striker in addition to Done, so unless something massive happens incoming wise, then I will be looking behind us instead of looking at challenging.”

“Considering we sold Hogan for £750,000 (allegedly) when we were in league two, and have since been on a money-spinning cup run, along with made money from sell-ons, I would HOPE it would be nearer to £1m.
Absolutely no need to sell otherwise, and would really be a nail in the coffin of any potential playoff push. “

“So fvcking annoyed at this. We have a chance of greatness this season.
Or we could just sell our top scorer when we don’t really need to. Yeah, y’know, whichever.”

“I can’t imagine Done wanting to go to Sheffield Utd.”

“What, even if they treble his current wage and give him a decent signing on fee?”

“I can’t see sheff u paying out anything near a million which some want on here. Sad day.”

“Not to sound greedy but I’d be demanding least 2 million with add-on’s from the Blades simply because of being in our highest league position and their not poor”

Done to Sheff Utd? on 19:42 – Feb 2 by davidab2202

“As previously stated Hilly said we were lucky to have Done back with us 18 months ago as he felt he was capable of playing at an higher level.Appreciate that at this moment in time they are only at the same level as we are but hand on heart we would have to admit that they are a bigger club then we are.If we both were to make it to Championship level I unfortunately know which club would be the more likely to survive”

“True, they have Nigel Clough as manager.”

“We might as well just say to Sheff Utd “we don’t want 5th or 6th spot – you have it instead”. Crazy sale whatever the transfer fee. “

“Seems they paid around 500k for Baxter so I doubt we’re getting more than we got for Hogan.”

“Their forum ( talking about Bladesmad in relation to the reaction of Done signing)) Shows they don’t have a clue. The ignorance and arrogance of fans who believe they are above others in the division.”

“Blades fans do get cocky:”

“Wonder if COG is affordable if MD is going – I doubt we will get in excess of £500k for Done – but with JOC going to Brentford and no action so far – 1 out 0 in would not really highlight our “Push for Promotion” “

“Hilly teasing on Dale player after the Coventry match:
Asked : No Matty Done in the squad, was that due to the injury on Monday night?
Keith : He’s being sold to a Championship club. They’re all bidding for him at the minute…he’s going to break the all time club record, you’re talking £2.5M. I think there have been 4 Championship clubs in for him, so we thought we ‘d leave him out.”


“RIP your career matty.”

“Done is a confidence player. If he’s not playing regularly with the full support of the fans, this might not be a great move for him.
Good luck to him, but after his Barnsley experience I’d have thought he’d want a full season playing in his current role then assessing it in the summer.”

“I Mean wtf. They were saying that the Blades had made 10 changes from the team that lost to Spurs and they still beat Swindon. This smacks of what people accuse the top teams of – buying up the best players from their rivals so they can’t challenge them for honours.
Not happy.”

“In my opinion he has been our best player, and really hope the money received makes losing him worthwhile. Really pissed off with this. Terrible losing one of your best players to a rival.”

“We were lucky to get Matt Done when he rejoined us. We were all overjoyed when he returned.
He has given his all for us, others have noticed his qualities and we have banked a Kings’ ransom (by our standards) that we would never have seen had KH not brought him back.
We’ve won both ways.
All the best Matty, thanks for everything.”

“What message does this given to the fans? Never been more disappointed in the club than I am right now”

“We’ve played this terrifically well. Selling our best player of the season with an hour to go to find a replacement. “

“Gutted. A Yorkshire rival has our star player. We could have held on to him, so I am sure we have a good price for him, £700k plus. Would love it if we still finish above them. With money in the bank all is not lost but I would rather take a chance by keeping Done and pushing on,selling him in the summer.”

Barnsley fans

“Crap player”


“Better than Eoin Doyle according to my blunt supporting mate. I tried to kep a straight face I failed”

“I rated Done when he was here. Still rate him now”

“I love to laugh at the Blunts as much as anyone but I can’t get too sneery over this one I’m afraid.”

“He’s decent, Done. At this level.
But had Winnall not got crocked I’m sure he’d be on the same amount of goals by now. And we’re shit.”

“Jay McEverley was highly thought of before and after we signed him and let him go. Same has happened to Matt Done. Then again plenty who were poor at us like Jay Rodriguez, Chris Wood, Jon Walters etc have done well after leaving us.”

“A local rival about to sign a player who has scored as many league goals as all our strikers put together.”

“14 goals for a non striker. Not bad going.”

“Done in my view is a good player at this level. Works hard, good pro, plays several positions, scores goals. What’s not to like? Not good for Rochdale unless Blades have paid over the odds.”




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Pre-Match View From Preston

“I honestly couldn’t give a shite about the FA Cup now, i’m certainly not taking time off work for this one.
Comfortable 2 or 3-0 win for Sheff Utd.”

“I had booked the afternoon off, I have since cancelled the holiday. Fuck that for a laugh. I also have no-one to go with. Plus I’ve been to Bramall Lane 6 times and seen us score once (and that was 3 weeks ago)”

“Despite the recent dross served up by the shirts I’m strangely looking forward to this – who wouldn’t be given we’ve a chance to play the biggest team in the world should we progress. “

“Not going but praying every night for a win. Would be amazing to host Man U”

“Im going to stay at home and build and watch a safety match burn, thats what will happen in sheffield”

“Football has a habit of throwing up mad results. That’s why I’m confident we will win this game 1-0 with a goal from Sylvan Eubanks Blake in the 79th minute, an overhead kick in front of 312 PNE fans”

“I’m going!
Sickened by recent results but this is one of the biggest matches of the season, so I had to go.”

“I fear a cricket score on Tuesday
Having witnessed the inept performances in January coupled with lack of strengthening I fear a real hiding on Tuesday that will totally derail us if it happens.We couldn’t beat sheff Utd who had some reserves in and they will be at full strength Tuesday but that said they could field a few with wooden legs and they would still beat us.”

“Sheff utd will only be 3 points behind us should they win their games in hand and with the signings they’ve made and are making, they’ll stand a better chance than us at getting promotion”

“Think we will Finnish around 8th 9th , i honestly can’t see were our next win is coming from , at the moment we are the worst team in the division and deserve to be .”

“Sounds like we are officially out of the race for Doyle too”

“Hopefully a couple of new faces in today, but I suspect we ll get the usual statement that any deal has fallen through.”

“Really hope we don’t sign Doyle… Sheff United you have him.”

“Deadline day my ass, we will get the usual “There is no rush, the loan window opens in five weeks time” and don’t forget FFP.”

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Blades 2-0 Swindon


“I might have been nearly 46years ago, but we’ve still won 1 major trophy than them, despite all the money they have spent over the years”

“Oh well a blip on the way to the championship. I’m the most pessimistic fucker I know and I still think we’ll do it. Not many sides will get anything at bramall lane to the end of the season. We can afford this defeat.”

“We have a fantastic away record, but we cant win them all away. Its a shame we lost but Shef U are a decent team and by all accounts the result could of been different with the chances we had. I’d be worried if we didnt create anything and lost. WE’ve got 2 of our best players back for the next game”

One of those games today. Too many players not quite at the races. Didn’t take advantage of being well on top of them for most of the first half. Front men weren’t a threat of any kind and midfield ponced about a bit too much.

“Abysmal referee (supported by one of the most inept linesmen I can ever remember seeing). That said, the Blades should have had a penalty in the first half (Toffalo’s handball WAS in the box) and N Thompson might have got a red card instead of the yellow on another day.
Good turn out by Town fans.
That’s five defeats from five visits to Bramall Lane for me but I still like the place. It’s a proper football ground.”

“We started the match like we were the home team, applying pressure, but sadly creating few chances. We needed to turn that possession and pressure in to goals. I said at the time that it could come back to bite us in arse, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that. We did try to play football today, but I think that the lack of Mass and Yass finally caught up with us. Of course it’s hard to play football when the opposition are intent on fouling constantly.
Opposition fouling is something we can’t control. We are better than most (all?) the teams we play, so they try to hassle our young squad and disrupt our rhythm. However, it is presumably fair to expect the referee to apply the law and sort this out, but he was a clown of the worst kind. How their fat 21 wasn’t sent off is a mystery. He should have received a second yellow, instead got a very firm talking too…and then fouled again…a second yellow this time? No! And to prove that even Sheff U thought he should have been sent off, they subbed him. Late tackles form them, no booking, but a tiny little tug of an arm from Swift and he gets booked. A truly appalling performance from the ref.
A bloody frustrating day, but if you offered me a defeat today, and our squad remains intact after Monday, I’d have taken it. So fingers crossed for a quiet couple of days.”

“So it’s all the refs fault”

“Dirty bastards they were, ref bottled it against the home crowd.
Could have been worse if Tommo would have been sent off.
That fat piece of shit should have got a red, an absolute disgrace and lucky he was substituted first half.
They were nothing special. Needed to have a few more efforts on goal with all that possession.”

“Ref was shit for both sides and missed a penalty for each…cannot blame him for defeat.
Too much tip tap back and forth instead of tip tap tip…bang.
Just didn’t do enough to score….hit the bar, miskick in front of goal and didn’t cross enough until they went a goal down and by then Blades were happy to do a Doncaster and just pack out midfield and defence and stifle…job done… Hit us on the break and 2:0.
We didn’t play badly and a million miles better than last years embarrasment but just not enough.Nice finish from Murphy for the first goal. “

“they should have been down to ten men in the first half… Very different game if the ref actually does his job properly.”

“Its a disgrace. Everyone is against us.
I am being slightly sarcastic.”

“2-0 flattered them “

“Bramhall Lane is never a happy hunting ground for us.”

“Had a feeling we’d lose today. Never get anything at Brammall Lane irrelevant of form.”

“Well, normal Bramall lane bollocks then.”

“Blades are no mugs”
“Unlucky town disappointing to loose after doing so well “

“Not going to Sheffield again, loose every time I go there”

“Ref was a spectator wasn’t he ? Let far too much go and we should’ve had a pen”

“Played well but goals win games……over did it when sometimes a shot on goal would of delivered. Ref was appalling for both sides..”

“Sheffield Utd on a bit of roll at the moment so always a tough place to go!COYR”

“1 of toughest games over”

“Anyone who doesn’t understand that a good side is going to suffer the odd defeat now & then – especially away from home to sides like Sheff United – is either (a) new to football or (b) an idiot.”

“Result doesn’t do us justice we was the better side just failed to convert chances.”

” SheffU did a job on us… Fair Play.. Good luck on Tuesday, Extra time would be nice”

“We were bound to lose sooner or later, and away at Bramall Lane is no disgrace. Just sounds like it wasn’t ever going to be our day after dominating the first half and not taking advantage of it. I can see United using their cup runs as a catalyst to put a run of form together and chase the leading pack to a strong end to the season..”

“First half we were the better team, but didn’t take our chances.
Ref was amazingly poor for both sides.
When their striker didn’t get sent off (I have no odea why) taking him off was the best thing they did.
Second half they looked the better side (as we didn’t play our normal game)
Strange result though”

“Well done Sheffield United, there won’t be many to beat us this season – we are a top, top side for this level with some very talented footballers.”

“Sheffield United were the filthiest team I’ve seen all season. Higdon seemed intent on getting sent off, he went in that hard on Thompson he split Thompsons socks in half and his boot went flying, yet according to the united fans Thompson was ‘cheating’
Referee was awful for both teams, both teams had stonewalls turned down and the game just couldn’t flow.
We were the better team for the duration but didn’t capitalise on the advantage. for those Sheffield United fans calling us ‘cheats’ both teams were as bad as each other, remove those rose tinted specs”

” Given he was given stick for going down softly by Sheff Utd fans, you should see bruising & cuts around Louis Thompson’s left ankle. Nasty.”

“Fair play to the blades after their cup exit, seems like their squad depth paid dividends. “

“Congratulations Sheff Utd., seems Cloughie just about knew what he was doing after all.”

“We had to lose at some point and I had a feeling it’d be today. Was always a tough game. “

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Hearts fans views on Jason Holt

“Frankly I would rather have kept paying his wages and had him until the end of the season as cover.Sad to see this as there is a real quality there if he develops – his strike against Rangers was top quality.”

“Done well whenever called upon. attitude never looked like a problem to me despite the shite I’ve read on here. “

“He’s done well to get himself a move there, but is he really going to get more game time than he did here? I’m not sure he’ll be a regular there either but you never know. The Scottish contingent will help him settle in though. I’d have liked to keep him, but hope he does well down there. “

“Gutted that Holt hasn’t lived up to his early promise with us. Hopefully he finds it down south”

“Sad to see him go. Obviously a talented boy but he just hasn’t quite made as much progress as we’d all have liked. Probably better for him to go somewhere and try and play regularly.”

“That’s not a bad move for him though if he does end up signing permanently with Sheff Utd. Nigel Clough has done really well taking guys from the Scottish leagues and improving them.”

“All the best Jason I hope you do well as I have am an admirer of your game.”

“Good move for everyone. Never took his chances when given and didn’t make himself an obvious first pick.”

“ Must be something in the Clough’s genes about Scottish players.
His Dad signed a few in his time “

Jason Holt is the type of player you want to watch.
I reckon we’ve made a mistake letting him go.”

“He’s been unsettled ever since the forest bid but that’s not the only factor in him leaving. Hearts player 10x better last season when Holt and Carrick were introduced to the squad. He done nothing to merit being dropped IMO and was pushed to the side to make way for gomis and bauben. “

“Best of luck Jason”

“Could b a good move for him first team football although would of liked him to stay “

“Not surprised. Seems to have wanted a move south for a while and I think he was a bit disappointed we didn’t let him go to Nottingham last year. “

“ Really hope we don’t end up regretting this as he definitely has the potential to be decent player. Good luck to the guy anyway and since he’s obviously not as highly rated within the management team as with the fans it makes sense for him to move for his own benefit.”

“We might live to regret it, we might not. “

“Sad to see him go, but to be fair he has not kicked on in the last couple of years, from a very promising start. Glad he is going south and not to another Scottish side”

“Best of luck to him. Glad he’s not going to someone up here and it’s a club with a lot of potential.”

“ Good luck to him, hope he does enough to earn himself a deal “

“I wish him well. Obviously he is disappointed at not starting more matches for Hearts. It will be interesting to see how much game time he gets with SU between now and the end of the season. “

“Aim big Jason, league 1 in England to a team lower down than Fleetwood town.”


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Pre-Match View From Swindon

“786 sold for Sheffield Utd. Still all ticket fixture. “

“Bristol City took 888. If we take 889 does that make us massive? “

“Just out of interest, what’s the price on the train?
Had a quick look and it was £92!”

“Looking at the news reports on Sky this morning, I wouldn’t bother. If the pitch is fine, the surrounding area won’t be so it will be off for H & S reasons. “

“how luckey was the spurs in the end on Wednesday
Plased for the united youngster who got the 2 goals,it appears not long ago he was in the non league. “

“I have always rated The Yids as a very lucky team, not a good one… That’s the second semi final they have fluked their way through ..”

“Will not be happy if Sheffield is called off “

“If i do go Sat looks like i will have to go in home end again like last time in the eighties was for safety reasons lost 3-0 & on MOD”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd. Gave Spurs a good run for there money! Hope they don’t play like that on Saturday against us! “

“Could of done with Sheff Utd going to extra time although got every faith in boys that Coops selects for Sat getting positive result “

“would take a point now but capable of getting win keep the pressure on”

“Fair play to Sheffield Utd, gave that a really good go against Spurs. Need a good performance from Town to get 3 points on Saturday! “

“ Sheffield United were unlucky and did well!”

“What the hell is it with Sheffield United in cup competitions”

“Got a feeling we will slip up against Sheffield United”

“Hope theyre emotionally drained and physically exhausted for us on saturday.”

“ On the back of their impressive cup games what can we expect from the blades on Saturday? 
1-1 is my guess. “

“another ground where we’ve got sod all from historically”

“Otherwise known as the underachievers vs the overachievers. Tough game, this. I’d have fancied our chances at Brammall lane earlier in the season but Sheffield United’s form has picked up recently and and they’ve added three Championship players to an already above average League 1 squad. I just get the feeling that, much like last year, they’ll have a strong second half to the season and make a late surge to the play-offs and above. “

“Do you not think it’s ‘weird’ spending all that dosh on a FB? We’ve done it twice – David Peach and Jason Drysdale – both of which were horrendous buys. “

“Brammall Lane worries me a bit after we got steamrolled there two seasons back. Though we are full of character this season and have already shown our young side can bring home 3 points from tough looking away days. 
Hopefully they haven’t even thought about the weekend yet and we can take advantage. We’ve had a week off, hopefully we go for it early doors, and don’t suffer from the lethargy that often follows a break. “

“The reverse fixture was the best home performance of the season when we scored five and it could have been ten, I am worried about this one though this could be one game too many for our young lads who I think will be bullied especially without are 2 star players. I will be happy with a draw so I am going 1 – 1. “

“ I wonder what sort of mind set the Sheffield United players will have on Saturday, I really fancy our chances here, could be a lot of goals again , but I think we will Nick it by the odd goal COYR”

“We’re playing in the purple kit tomorrow. Noooooooooooooo! (not that I’m superstitious or anything) “

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