Pre-Match View From Bradford

“Blood the youth and clear the decks – send the Blackpool reserves back and let’s move on”

“the team are going to take some getting back on their feet going to be very difficult for parky to raise the moral, hope i’m wrong but this doesen’t auger well for saturday.”

“I’d bring Halliday and McMahon into the midfield for Yeates and Knott”

“This is another potential mauling. Throwing in boys just because of anger at a defeat could badly damage their careers if it is a mullering, and damning our youth players comes as naturally to some as damning our manager.
I’d expect Parkinson to start with the regulars most likely to grind out a draw, then give 2 youths a chance at Scunthorpe.”

“Hanson will drift out to the left as its an instruction from PP but Bramhall lane is a wide pitch so on defensive duty i don’t mind that, help us if anything as Hanson isn’t exactly electric on the break. Stick to the diamond and see if we can get a good show out of Halliday and McMahon if we want them next season.”

“The scary thing is, we’re 10 points off the drop zone. Its basically been our decent away record that has kept us away from it.”

“I would say there is very little difference between any of the clubs outside the top 4 or 5 and I include all the way down to Yeovil in that. “

“We’ve still only spent £7,500 this season”

“Buzzing for Sheffield derby”

“Good job where aren’t playing Sheff Wednesday on Saturday or the media would be wanking them self off at the headlines”

“Can’t wait to get to Bramall Lane on Saturday and at least for a couple of hours have the focus of Bradford City purely on the football.”

“a thrashing at home possible new owners and unfounded fire stories. Followed by a great victory at Bramall lane?”

“To have the chance to win a league game at Bramall Lane, would have been laughed at, as little as just two years ago”

“With the post on the city website regards crowd disorder for tomorrow’s away game at Sheff Utd has the club received information about possible trouble?”

“Just read it and think its a general message to fans, not a particularly large crowd from a Sheffield perspective. Unless anyone knows any different???”

“No surprises after incidents at our local away games recently.”

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“we won?!?!”

“We did a win”


“Sheff Utd fans saying we are a crap team. We beat them and beat them in the play-offs. Who’s crap now?”

“Great win”

“Fab game tonite”

“Fair play to all the Blades who made journey down, did the same journey earlier in season on a Tuesday night, not an easy one”

“It wasn’t a lucky result either as the Glovers dominated the game “

“Scougall was dangerous”

“Such a small thing, but made me happy. Clean sheet and a win”

“A rare win”

“Sturrock’s tartan waistcoat is growing on me”

“Always bloody lose when I bet on Yeovil winning, now the other bloody way around! I will never learn!”

“Great win tonight! Won the crowd over in the second half as well”

“Results might mean nothing any longer, but an improved performance is a plus. Onwards and hopefully upwards “

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss we have actually won a game”

“That cuts gap down to 10pts. Would be nice to make it single figures in next few games!”

“Sturrock said a draw woulda been fair result. I think we deserved the win all night long”

“Yeovil have only just won a game of football. Sheffield United must enjoy playing at Huish Park.”

“Actually still smiling from winning the game even if it means nothing!”

“Yeovil town – messing up Sheffield United playoff chances since 2013.”

“That was Yeovil Town’s first clean sheet since January 24th’s 0-0 against Coventry City”

“Totally deserved from start to finish”

“Quality performance tonight, 3 points and a clean sheet against 5th in the league, good to get our first win since 7th March”

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Pre-Match View From Yeovil

“Two years ago today, Yeovil Town confirmed our place in the L1 Play-Offs with a 2-0 win at Stevenage. And yet it feels like a lifetime..”

“A season that was meant to see us challenge for immediate promotion back to the Championship, which unsurprisingly ended after just one season at that level for the first time in our history, has seen Gary Johnson sacked and Terry Skiverton unable to turn the tide now we’ll hope that Sturrock can revive our fortunes and turn us around into a position going in the right way!”

“Sturrock has suggested he may make a few changes to his side to give him a chance to run the rule over a few extra bodies before the season ends. “

“I recall the play off victory over Sheffield United. dizzy heights seem a long way away now”

“Campbell Ryce made a great impact againsgt us on Saturday”

“The odds on us winning a game regardless of where and against whom should always be incredibly long at the moment. “

“I don’t think we’ll get another point this season”

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“As much of a fat, ego-driven twat as the ref was, defensive ineptitude, poor communication and dropping 10 yards too deep cost

“Would’ve taken a point at start but a shame to lose 2 goal lead. Not helped by the referee awarding a corner in lead up to 2nd

“Mental arberration from the ref cost The Latics a well earned victory today. Over-ruled his ‘better placed’ linesman on a
whim. Idiot! “

“Jesus shed u fans if your best come back is your in Rochdale shadow u got more problem than I thought”

“We were robbed – shit and crap decision by the ref”

“The Ref was a Knobhead ruining football, fat bastard “

“Totally feel sick, ROBBED. The officials were a JOKE”

“Just seen the attendance. Just scraped 3000 home fans which is disappointing.
Good to see Philly better, on and off the pitch, linked up with Turner quite well. Poleon exceptional, best he’s played since
being at the club by a long way, the unbelievable goal and all-round he was brilliant.
Agent Brown phenomenal for Sheffield”

“Not surprised at the attendance, nothing to play for and more than likely was set to be a hammering, I’m a ST Holder and was
considering not bothering today, glad I did though was a good match.”

“Only 1800 sheff utd fans today…..and they’re going for promotion…..shoddy!! “

“For a team averaging 15,000+ to take only 1,800 to Oldham is poor. Make you think if roles were reversed how many more Latics
would take.”

“Terrible numbers from Sheffield United”

“Game of two halves, disappointed not to get all 3 points.”

“How many goals do we concede from corners?”
“Nobody was talking about the ref at HT. And it was a corner. At least fans who someone to blame other than the players

“Yeah I thought it was a corner too. However, despite Lockwood passing it to their goal scorer for the first, he controled it
with his arm before sticking it past Coleman. Should have won 2-1.”

“TBF our lad at the back was shoved away so their lad could head it back in, but the ref wasn’t looking for fouls against one
team today, that had to rank alongside some of the poorest ref’s we have had.”

“Check the goal.Kelly didnt even jump”

“We always get a bad ref against Sheffield Utd. Do they bring their own???”

“Bizarre for a fat, no-necked bellend to be so egomaniacal. Making decisions despite his liners’ calls. I hope an assessor was

“I enjoyed football again for 45mins. Referees are so poor in England at the moment. Blades won’t go up”

“Games like that make me consider never attending a match again”

“If Sheffield United go up I’ll display my arse on the town hall steps”

“Sheffield united deserved nothing, that little fat cunt of a ref should be out of a job”

“The bald guy from the Sheffield bench needs shooting, quick time. League 1 football isn’t that exciting”

“Why did it have to happen against Sheffield fucking united? So fucking pissed off. I’d smash the ref’s head on the pavement if
I could”

“We did well to get a point today with that ref, disgraceful officiating he must have had an away win on his betting slip”

“We all know why Sheff Utd are in the top 6. Referees”

“That ref was a cunt. Words fail me how he gave a corner which lead to their second goal.”

“Bloody sheff u arse licking referees”

“You can’t miss chances to make it 3-0 v Sheffield. Never know when they’re beaten “

“Clough saying if it wasn’t for their 2 mistakes they would’ve won the game…. well we could say same thing! Clown!”

“1st half we were by far the better side, and what is more pleasing is that not one loan player started. I dont know why we can
play the better teams and look a decent outfit and yet against the weaker sides we seem devoid of ideas. “

“Enjoyed that match, would have taken a point beforehand and bloody hell Poleon?…
The ref, well can’t make my mind up, can’t say even the blades were looking for the fouls either, he overrode both linesmen
Disappointed in the away support, weren’t they quite to say they are up for the playoffs.
in my mind so far, there has only been Swindon I thought were decent.”

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Pre-Match View From Oldham

“someone please tell me how Philliskirk keeps starting games? He’s one of the most innaffective players I’ve ever watched”

“For a long time fans like him because he runs around and gives it his best. Still remember when people said they would have
him over Daniel Johnson and Baxter “

“He needs a goal to give him a little boost Philly is a massive confidence player and at the minute the confidence isent thier
when he’s on form hes a very good player for this league “

“Philliskirk is a fantastic player. He gives 100% each game a lot of effort that some fans don’t recognise, probably because
they have never played football themselves. He runs every inch of the pitch chasing lost causes that other players give up. He
breaks play up in the middle of the park and if there was any criticism of him is that he does not score enough but that is
mainly due to him doing other players work.”

“I still remember the number of goals we gave away because Johnson was watching the man he was supposed to be marking from the
other half of the field. The same applied to Baxter. Neither of those to would make themselves available when the ball was in a
difficult spot and both gave the ball away more than Philliskirk. “

“Can we just write the season off now? Send back all the loan players and put the kids in!”

“Given our record against current bottom six: 2 wins, 3 draws & 7 defeats… I say bring on 5th place Sheffield United – Latics
certain to turn up for this one. “

“Minutes applause tomorrow in memory of Harry Dowd “

“We’ve been voted the 19th best ground in league one” (Blades voted 4th in same poll.

“Looks like Forte will still be out for Saturday”

“I bet Nigel Clough and his defence will be looking forward to meeting the OAFC strike force on Saturday. Apart from the
injured Forte not one other Oldham player has reached double figures. Morgan-Smith(The Ghost), Philliskirk, Poleon and
Wilkinson have not scored ten between them”

“I hope we can win on Saturday , and keep Baxter out of the game for 90 mins.”

“I am sure Nigel Clough will play it cool, on the face of things to come he has not got much to worry about! Our manager has
stated that he wants he team to go out with ‘a bang’ well I for one think it will be ‘with a clang’! Not a clue as to who and
what the midfield will be, lots of centre-backs and a trio of strikers whose presence will instil fear into the Sheffield

“Poleon mcould be a good player with his skill and speed but as for mellis hes done nowt!! can see why he cant get in a poor
blackpool side doesnt show enough desire.”

“we have won 3 in the last 12. I have heard many phrases used on the terraces in connection with Poleon this season but
‘firepower’ is not one of them.”

“What can the current tripe do that the up and coming kids can’t?
Score – we’re not scoring?
Defend – we’re not defending?
Create – we’re not creating?
Oh – and play a proper formation. 4-4-2.”

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