Boro Fans

“I’d like to dedicate this to Martin Cranie and all the hard work he’s put in over the 7 minutes he played for boro. Thanks Martin”

“Pointless buying cranie. Never got a look in other than cup ties”

“Would say thanks to Crainie for the memories but that day at Burton…up there with Dibble at QPR as one of the worst performances ever in a Boro shirt”

“Martin Cranie against the might of Burton Albion may well have been the worst performance from a professional footballer I’ve ever seen.”

“RB has been one of boro’s most tainted positions ever and Martin epitomised that, unfortunately.”

“Martin Cranie up there with accolade signatures such as Maxi Haas, Caleb Folan & Mickaël Debève”

“Who Made the decision to sign Martin Cranie in the first place ???? Who ever it was give them a slap and stop throwing money away ya thick buggers”

Boro should make the number 14 shirt redundant in memory of Cranie. No one will forget the Wolves game when Cranie came on for Shotton and did a sterling job at the back with us chasing the game with a man extra.”

“Rip the Martin cranie fan club”

“Goodbye Craine. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”

Huddersfield Fans


“Good solid pro, hope it works out for him.”

“Played his part in some great times when called on. A good solid pro”

“Lot of respect for him, always been dependable even though he never got much of a chance in the first team.”

“Solid player without doing anything spectacular, did a good job for hs.”

“Really liked Cranie – what a good free signing and servant.”

“I don’t recall him ever letting us down when called upon. I always liked Cranie and was sad to see him go.”

“Good Luck to him, never let us down.”

“I always respected Martin Cranie whilst he was at Town – never a superstar but gave his best every time he was called on and never let us down. Best of luck for your future, Martin.”

“I also like Martin Cranie, a solid pro who did a good job for us when called upon. I personally think alongside Schindler he could still do a job for us if required.”

“When Tommy Smith went off injured at Wembley and Cranie came on, I was unconcerned because I knew he would do a solid, professional job for the remainder of the match. In the club’s biggest game in living memory. With £100m at stake. In a tight 0-0 scoreline. That is all.”

“He is a good pro but he’s not a Pulis type of player “

“a solid pro for us, never a regular first team player, but he did a job for us whenever called upon. And didn’t let us down. Good luck for the future Martin.”

“Better as a right back”

“I was horrified when he decided to play Cranie at RB, thought he’d never been that great at CB (despite his work ethic). I thought he was twice the player after a few times seeing him play there.”

“I remember a Coventry City fan telling me that he was better on the right than at CB”

“Not quite good enough at full back to challenge Tom Smith”

“I’ve got nothing against Cranie but ‘being a good pro’ only gets you so far in the modern game.”

By Roy

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