Great performance from Norwood”

I thought Norwood controlled the game well from midfield, but poor set pieces let him down.”

He was superb”

“MOM Olly Norwood”Olly Norwood , in particular, was a cut above”

Norwood and Davis oozed quality all through the match “

Norwood class”

Norwood played well (and I reckon he’s done sod all since crossing for McAuley against Ukraine) “

Think its the best we’ve seen from Norwood for a while, some superb long diagonal passes, though his set piece delivery wasn’t great. “

Sometimes its just not with you but im sorry Norwood delivery today has been dreadful”

He is dreadful. Full stop”

Can gave the ball all day long but if you create nothing what you expect!!McNair to start in midfield all day long over that waste of space Norwood. MON has a couple of blind spots and he’s one of them “

Norwood was awful all day”

prefer McNair to Norwood

By Roy

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