“I would like to see Twardzik back between the sticks as he is a safer option than Long. “

“I know Long is making a few blunders at the moment but Twardzik was dropped for a perfectly valid reason – he also was making more than a few blunders.  A nightmare at crosses also.  In the recent 2 games against Killie, Long has been criticised (yesterday rightly so) but don’t overlook the fact that Josh Law was in some way responsible for both goals “
“Long was garbage yesterday from virtually the first minute. He missed everything not just the cross that led to the goal.  The first time he caught the ball was in the 32nd minute and Kilmarnock must have had 5 or 6 crosses in that time and a couple of shots.  For a big boy he has no presence about him.  He doesn’t use his height and weight at all and as far as punching the ball goes Twardzik is much better. 
 Twardzik has made some errors but over 25+ games and he’s turned in man of the match performances and kept us from getting right drubbings.  Long has probably had as many mistakes now as Twardzik in a quarter of the matches. Twardzik has a better clean sheet record than Long, and Long has been playing in a team that’s performing much better with a half way credible defence in front of him.
 I said after the match yesterday that Baraclough will have to have a hard think about it.  The stakes are huge now and I’m afraid confidence in Long is being whittled away, something we really don’t need when we are battling for survival.
 No one wants to change a goalkeeper at this stage in the season, in our position, but we just cannot afford any more mistakes.  However it is in goals has to perform. End of story.”

“You have to wonder how many errors will Long be allowed to make before reverting back to Dan?  Seems like he is not any better at cross balls and posisbly not as good a shot stopper as Dan “

“Long was very ropy all of the game ,not just the goal that he missed to let the killie lad in .Long must have tried to get to 5 or 6 and missed them all  “

“Long provided numerous heart in mouth moments.  “

“George Long is mince.  Another goal conceded today that should never have happened.  He looked like a bombscare from the first whistle and it was hardly a surprise when the goal happened.  He has his team mates to thank for getting him out of jail today. “

“ Big mention to George Long for coming back from a honking performance and doing the basics correctly”.

By Roy

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