“Collins is dodgy. He contributed to their first goal “

“Collins is too slow”

“I think Collins looks a good centre half but not match fit.  “

“when Collins challenged clumsily for t”he ball on the half way line in the second half he then turned round and blamed Veseli!

“Collins worst signing ever! Great player ain’t he silly own goal then injured well done page fantastic signing!!!!  “

“Collins started ok but had nothing to do. Only time he had to do anything he cocked it up for their first then got injured. Another crock. “

“Collins man of the match for me by a mile. Rock. “

“Collins were excellent at the back. Collins had a very good game, reading the play and getting great distance with his headers. “

“I’ve not been impressed with Collins to date but he was a rock in the defence. Fantastic performance “

“Thought Collins was excellent, won all he had to win,and was on the back of other defenders all game “

“Collins mate today you were magnificent! “

“Second half was better, if only due to the individual character and determination of individuals such as Collins “

“the lad Collins has made a huge difference to us . He was a rock at the back”

“Well done Neill Collins. Excellent game again.”

“Collins was excellent tonight”

“Id like to mention a bit of praise for Collins, he came in for quite a bit of stick on here after the Orient match, but since then has been excellent, a real rock, was brilliant against MK, apparently solid against Scunny and very good again tonight, would like to see if we could sort a deal out for him next season, a potential centre back partnership of Collins and Innis. “

“I’d have given Collins MOTM tonight. He was outsstanding. “
“Collins had a blinder and we looked better when duffy went off lol. I would love to see inniss and Collins at the back next season that would be a solid defence! “

“Collins was our best player”

“Collins was solid “

“Collins has been a rock at the back and from what I’ve seen is very vocal, just what was needed. “

“Collins was the rock on which our performance was based”

“Collins has been a great loan signing. “

“Collins was like a man possessed”

“Collins is starting to show why he has enjoyed such a good career”

“Collins is a great leader”

By Roy

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