“Baraclough admit Long is pish and get him out and play twardzik next week get him game ready for the play offs. “

 “it wouldn’t bother me if Long didn’t play for us again “

“Let’s hope we dont bring Long back.  So much better out there.  One of the main reasons we are were we are just now. “

“All our keepers have been poxy this season. Mind you, with that defence… “

“Twardzik is at least a shot stopper. Long isn’t. “

“Long has made at least three times the mistakes in fewer matches.
 Also Twardzik has had MotM performances in him when Long doesn’t.
 And finally Long takes about 15 minutes to distribute a ball from feet or hand and doesn’t have a clue what to do.”

“I am not defending Long but I don’t know about the 3 times as many errors, I an still remember Dan against Dundee , Aberdeen , and a few others chucking them in.he also was at fault for the goal that put us out of Europe.He is generally a good shot stopper , but poor at criosses. He definitely isn’t the answer, probably Long isn’t either.  “

“We needed an experienced goalie in ja uary. Long was probably the only guy wanting to come here. Like many young players they are inconsistant and make mistakes. He has won us points so lets not make him the scapegoat when there have been other seniors either hiding or dismal All season. “

“Dan has to come in. long easily wastes a good 5-10 minutes of a game setting up kick outs. its infuriating watching it.
Dan is a better shot stopper and they are equal in crosses. its a no brainer for me”

“  I was happy when we signed Long as he seemed too have ticked all the boxes…. Unfortunately his has cost us severely. I would have brought back Dan 4 weeks ago. Now it might be too late.”

“The only reason Sheffield United let George Long come on loan to us was that we had to guarantee that if he was fit he would play. So unless we can send him back, Long will be our keeper for the next 3 matches. “

“So, let’s blame Long for everything. Yesterday he pulled off a few good saves, did well to narrow the angle for Gows 1 on 1 and made it virtually impossible for him to get his shot on target. At their equaliser yes he was partly to blame but I felt it was the keepers ball when O’Brien tried to overhead kick it out. So let’s blame O’Brien as well. Nobody had many great words for Hollis or neilson but we finished 2nd last year. Long us young, just getting 1st team experience so of course he’s going to make errors of judgement. “

“Long had made over 90 appearances before coming to us.”

“Both our goalkeepers are pure pish, mistake-ridden fannies… “

“Twardzik must have improved significently since he was dropped in January. He is murder. Long isnt much better but not as bad as Twardzik.”

 “I have seen comments about Long slowing the play down but I saw him rushing to the 18 yard line with no-one looking for the ball. “

“ Looks like to me like either Long doesn’t communicate well with his defenders, or they don’t communicate well with him. Don’t mind him but for a guy that ‘looks’ like a keeper, he doesn’t dominate in the way he should. Either way, it’s cost us points more than once this season. “

By Roy

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