“Woolford was an ‘ok player’ good luck to him.”

“I liked Woolford, was good for a decent cross when needed and chipped in with his share of the goals..”

“At best he is nothing more than average.”

“Never rated him. He’s better off up there with his fellow degenerate northerners”

“Did not usually let the team down, but never got the pulses racing did he? “

“He had his moments, just not enough of them.”

“Think it’s fair to say that we got far more out of Woolford than anyone ever expected us to.”

“He was an honest player so credit where credit is due, never sulked when out of the team. The goals he scored last game of the season before last against Bournemouth and away to Fulham will be remembered. Good luck to him. One of the nice guys in football.”

“He is a useful asset to any league 1 team and will score over 10 a season.. Good luck to him never sulked even when Leeds move fell through”

“To be fair he probably played under the two worst managers in our time barring Spackman, and two seasons our worst teams.
Like others have said honest pro and will do well in lge 1.”

“we should have kept woolford”

By Roy

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