“Price is about right. Was hoping we’d get Murphy the other way. Decent left winger.”

“He must be on big bucks for us to let him go so cheaply “

“According to rumours, he earns around 14k per week. “

“I’ll never know why we signed him. If he’d been Italian he’d have been hammered on social media. I have him down as divisive as well but that’s just me. “

“ To be fair about it mate, most Leeds fans thought he was a great signing for us when we got him. Just because it hasn’t turned out so, shouldn’t deflect from the standard of player of some of them we acquired last season. Sharp, along with Adryan looked great on paper, but as we all know, even some very top players like Falcao for instance, sometimes don’t produce the goods, for some unexplained reason. I think he needs to go though. “

“In fairness to Sharp he scored 5 goals last season and Morison only scored 2. I think if he had more chances he could have hit double figures.I would keep him!”

“Me too. I think hed benefit greatly running off wood up front. “

“Given that he had been failing elsewhere, his best years were in all probability behind him. “

“Cant say im that bothered about sharp leaving … i think i always wanted him to do well and be a great signing for us but never looked close to happening.”

“Would rather see Morison go than Sharp..but 500k is a decent fee imo.”

“If it’s just one to go I’d sooner it be Sharp.”

“league one and with wingers he will be banging them in”

“Both would do a job at L1..especially Sharp.
How ever..I don’t really want us to be helping out the rapist lovers..that whole club disgusts me after the Ched Evans affair.
In fact feck em..I would sooner see them rot in L1 for a good few more seasons..and then hopefully get relegated and eventually go to the conference.”

“sharp, not impressed one trick pony. “

“Why’re we even considering selling Sharp? OK, last season didn’t work out. Another season at least IMO & if it doesn’t work fair enough “

“Be a shame if Sharp leaves for Sheff Utd. Decent squad player to have but he obviously wants first-team football.”

“We really need to keep Billy Sharp”

“Would rather see Doukara leave Leeds than Billy Sharp “

“personally like sharp as a player “

“We dont need Sharp. not saying hes bad but i think 500 k is a good deal for a 29 year old who doesnt score much and is on big wages “

“Absolute banter when sell Sharp to SUFC and don’t get Murphy in the deal “

“Don’t see the point in selling Sharp if we don’t get Murphy”

“Will be gutted to lose billy sharp BUT gaining jamie murphy from what i hear and ive seen will be so worth it natural left winger. “

“I’ll be proper gutted if we sell Billy Sharp. He is a super talent, just needs time to fire for us”

“I like Sharp but he’s a 442 striker and little else. Reckon he’ll do well at Blunts “

“I for one wish him well “

“I wouldnt mind it being a loan with a view to a possible permanent, just in case he rediscovers his goal scoring form and starts belting them in “

“BillySharp is a predator in the box,he never really got a run of games in the side to build any sort of confidence or momentum.
that was solely because the type of player he was didnt fit into our only workable system.
Personally i never truly think stats tell the full picture and can be grossly missleading at times, i rate Billy Sharp and i think given game time and a strike partner he will grab you bag full of goals.
One stat worth note his leeds career hasnt even taken off, majority of his apperances came off the bench, id be interested in seing his stats like shots per goal against the very wasteful antenucci in my opinion. “

“Scored 11 goals in the last two seasons
Hasn’t scored 15+ goals in a season since the 2010-11 season
His most prolific period for goals was ten years ago when playing for League One club Scunthorpe United
Sharp did win two games for us last season v Boro’ (h) & Huddersfield (a)
A striker on a downhill spiral i suspect “

“He averages around 14-15 goals per championship season made more impressive the fact most of his goals and games where when from his time at Doncaster and they were struggling to survive. I admit Billy Sharp had a disappointing season last season but he is without doubt the second best striker at the club maybe even the best“

“He is the typical journeymen striker that have had the occasional reasonable season but never been quite good enough to move up to the next level.“

“Sharp is an average Champs player imo, never going to be the star but will get a few goals. Should be a good signing for league 1 “

“I wanted/want Sharp to do well at Leeds, but I think he is on the downward slope. Yes he’s been good in the Championship over his career, but the last couple of seasons haven’t been very good compared to his previous form.  “

“League One about right for him”

“Sharp has always been a complimentary striker rather than a main striker. He is a 15 goal a season striker in a team where the main striker will get 20+. As a main striker he has never really done it. He is also the sort who will score 6 in 5 matches then go 20 without a goal  Happy to see him leave”

“Best deal for both clubs and player.
I like Billy but he is never going to play many games.”

“A quality striker walking out of the door simply because of the lack of foresight to provide him with pacey wingers, to provide low hard crosses into the box for him to feed off, when the opposition fumble a clearance.
Instead he was having to feed off scraps from high long balls which is an alien part of his game or boxed out wide into corners. The crowd then loses patience with him and he is benched and then struggles for game time, as we employ ridiculous diamond systems which lead to us finishing 15th in the league.”

“Shame he didn’t get the service he needed cos he would have got us 15-20 goals no problem.
Good luck Billy lad.”

“Watching a striker of his quality play on his own up front did him and Redfearn no favours in the end. He was never going to run 40 yards and bang one in. Why Redfearn persevered with that tactic is a mystery.”

By Roy

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